Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Stuff

I just finished reading this book:

and it was awesome!  I had such a hard time putting it down even though when Phil's not around, little Xander is usually in my arms.  I would try to read it while nursing, a hard-to-maneuver feat for me, but well worth the effort.

We will have to catch the movie once it is released on DVD since going to the movies anytime soon isn't going to happen.  I heard that the movie is just as good as the book, which is rare!


Two of Phil's sisters (and one brother-in-law and one nephew) came up to visit this weekend to see Baby X for the first time.  While I am so thankful my kids get to see their cousins from my side of the family all.the.time, it's hard for them not being able to see their cousins from Phil's side as they live in MD and PA.  

One of the sisters, K, is the one pregnant with twins and while she was up here she started bleeding and had to go to the hospital.  They saw the heartbeats on the ultrasound and are just waiting to see what happens next.  Please send up a prayer for her (if you don't mind) that her double bundles of joy are safe.


A church near our house hosts Boy Scouts meetings, and my boys seem a bit interested in joining, but I am leery of the whole organization as I remember hearing about problems they had with leaders.  Also, Phil and I are Scout dropouts as I survived only one year of Brownies and Phil was only a Cub Scout.  What do y'all think?  Is it a worthy organization?

And the time has come...for me to join Weight Watchers.  They are having a BOGO free month, and this is the plan I used 2 years ago that helped me lose weight really well.  Back then, I could only eat 21 points a day and was able to drop 11 pounds in two months.  Now, I'll be getting to eat double those points because I'm breastfeeding.  I am definitely going to eat all my points because I don't want to mess with my milk supply, but I am skeptical that I will lose any weight while eating that much.  We shall see!


  1. My oldest does cub scouts and LOVES it! Our pack is great (through the local Catholic school. All of the adult leaders are good and they are VERY good at keeping the boys safe.

    I want to read the Help. Several of my friends read it this summer . . . .they all loved it!

  2. I loved The Help! My mom and I keep meaning to catch the movie, but we're running out of time!

    My brother is a faithful Catholic and has been part of Boy Scouts for many years. My grandfather was also a part of it, so it's a big deal in our family. If you have any questions or concerns I can always give you his email address!

    Weight Watchers is the way to go! Yes, you will get those extra points, but the breastfeeding will help you lose fast! Good luck! I only have 3 lbs to go to reach my goal weight!

  3. good to know about weight watchers free month!

  4. we have been involved with boy scouts for several years and never had any problems no matter where we lived. (we were in 3 different troops) I think their bad rap is all hype. They do promote christian values and thats why ppl don't like them. most ppl were very family oriented and all activities were open to siblings,moms and dads etc....My husband was a troop leader in CA. He liked it. They do expect parents to help as much as they can... now girl scouts---thats a whole different story...i think they have a whole different agenda. but of course that could be just my experience...

  5. I lost 15 lbs with weight watchers last year. They gave me tons of extra points for nursing (Ben was 3 months when I joined) and I still managed to lose the weight in 3 months. Thanks for the tip that they are doing BOGO again, I need to lose a few more and I love their plan.
    I also loved the book The Help and can't wait for the dvd either.
    I hope everything is okay for your sister in law.

  6. The help movie was just as good as the book!

  7. We're starting Boy Scouts over here, too! Ken's signed up to be the Den Leader, so I know there won't be any monkey business with things like den meetings scheduled at 5 p.m. on a Sunday (honestly, who does that? Don't people have at least one day where they eat a meal together?).

    I love WW. I've lost huge amounts of weight both times I did it. Good luck!


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