Monday, September 12, 2011

A Trip to Target

This weekend, while Xander was sleeping, I said to Phil and the kids that I was going to go to Target to pick up a few hundred things.  

Phil said "OK", the kids said "Can I come? Pleasepleaseplease?"  

Phil said "Can they go? Pleasepleaseplease?" and so off we went to give Daddy some much-needed quiet time.

They each dug into their piggy banks and brought a dollar they had received at Alexander's Baptism (courtesy of Grandpa).  Man, money burns a hole in their pockets...I wonder where they get that from? ;)

Here's what their $1.00 bought:
A Magician's Kit

A Pirate's Kit (times two)

 And a Doctor's Kit

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke : Two pirates, a magician and a doctor walk into a bar...

I love that this was what my kids chose, even though I pointed out the candy aisle to them.  When I was a kid with a buck in my hand, I definitely headed to the penny candy store.  Too bad they are nonexistent around here now.

Oh, and as for Phil's quiet time?  He felt guilty and ended up doing laundry and making meatballs.  Love that guy!


  1. love it.. though you are right, it DOES sound like a bad joke, lol

  2. Laundry and meatball making is productive. :)
    Your kiddos are too cute and you had me at: Target.

  3. Awww! Laundry?? You've got yourself a keeper!! Our nearest Target is a 45 minute drive. If I left Taylor while I headed in, the house would no longer be standing when I got home ;)


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