Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 10

The kids went into the costume basket this week and decided what they wanted to be for Halloween: 3 Spidermen and a snow angel.  Now I need to figure out how to dress them for All Saints Day.  Last year they were:
St. Michael, Pope John Paul II, Mary, and St. Francis

We went to a Cranberry Festival last weekend.  

It was fun, but busy and over 80 degrees!!

Do you know how they harvest cranberries?  
First, they flood the bogs:

 Then they use a machine that pulls the cranberries off the vines:

 and then the cranberries float.

  Then they corral the berries:

 and they get sucked up a tube onto a truck to go to the Ocean Spray plant:

  Lots of work for some Thanksgiving sauce!

Phil and I both went to the doctor this week.  Results: he has a double ear infection (requiring antibiotics) and an inflammation in his lungs that requires steroids.  I have an ear infection, also requiring antibiotics.  Luckily the kids seem far.

For Phil's 31st birthday, we celebrated with chinese food and a cookie cake.  He didn't want a fuss, but the kids and I like to party :)

Yes it's pink, but he was secure enough to eat it.



I lost 2.6 pounds this week.  I swear it was because I wore less clothes than I normally do.  And I wore less clothes because I knew it would have been a "gain" week otherwise.  Total weight loss my first month was 9 pounds.  Ten more to go!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh your so lucky on your weight gain/losses. I've lost almost 6 in 2 weeks, but I still have 45 to go. Ugh. The picture of Xander smiling on the chest is so adorable!

  2. Love the pictures! I never knew how cranberries were harvested! Reminds me of the Ocean Spray commercials!

    Good job on WW! Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! And I've also never seen cranberries harvested, how cool!

    Here's a great, easy saints' day costume: Get a long white Tshirt, draw stripes on it with a Sharpie, and stick a red triangle on the breast. Viola! You're St. Maximillian Kolbe!

  4. Congrats on the weight go girl.

    The cranberry-thingy...very cool.

    ear infections??? it must be because you guys are so young. Phil is only 31!!!! Lucky guy!

    happy friday

    ps...that smiling baby boy so precious.

  5. Now I know the Ocean Spray commercial is not joking when they are standing in the water with weighters.

    Speaking of weight...congrats! :)

  6. Woohoo! I go in spurts. I'll stay the same for like 3 weeks, then I'll lose a few pounds all at once. Weird. I do need to exercise more, but I'm pretty much fitting into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes, yay!

    Loved seeing the pics of the cranberry harvest! Thanks for sharing. And your kiddos? Super cute! We have two butterflies and two fairies this year ;)

  7. jealous! i have not been losing weight at all. boo.


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