Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Boys' Mom

It's strange what happens when you have multiple children of the same sex.  You get used to mothering that gender of children, and although they are unique individuals, there are definitely common stereotypes that seem to ring true for raising boys or girls. 

Since I had three boys first, and now four in total, I feel that I am definitely a "boys' mom".  A friend once said to me after I had my third son that if anyone could handle having three boys - it was me.  I didn't know what she meant by that comment, but after having my daughter, I realized that the role of mother-to-boys suits my personality very well.   Now if God had blessed me with many daughters, I'm sure I would have adjusted to that role with pleasure, but boys seem so much easier to me. 

For example, all my boys LOVED to eat very, very often as babies.  And I quickly learned that to them, food equals love.  I don't think that ever changes through a man's life.  The best way to show the men in my life that they are loved is to pamper them with their favorite home cooked meal.  Also, keeping the fridge and pantry stocked makes them happy and shows that I am thinking about them.

My boys are active.  Now, I never thought anything of this until Maggie came around, and I saw that she could actually sit still and color for hours, or take the time to set up and then play with a dollhouse.  But being active really makes us happy.  They are constantly playing some kind of sport, and we are always on the go.  If we have free time on the weekends, then we are out at a playground, at the beach, on a bike ride, or taking them to some kind of festival.  My boys just need to be out and about to release all their energy, which I am 100% happy about doing.  Staying home does not suit me or them well.

My boys aren't into arts and crafts.  Oh sure, they will color a picture from time to time, but they usually show their creativity by inventing games and making messes.  I always say that I send them to preschool because I don't do arts and crafts.  So having lots of boys that don't mind the lack of craftiness is great.
My boys are competitive with a capital C.  I know this is not a boy/girl thing, because I think they inherited this trait from me, but it works out great for sports training and when I am trying to get them to do chores.  Such as "Who can make the most goals?" or "Let's see who can clean up the fastest!" or "Who can get into bed first?"  I just realized I may be responsible for encouraging their competitive nature :)

My boys are not dramatic.  Well, at least not as much as the girls that I've always known.  I've always been able to get along with guys so much easier than girls because they are just so simple.  I mean that in the best way possible.  Less drama and moodiness = more fun.

Yup, it's a good thing I've been given so many boys to mother because I am definitely a boys' mom.  I will just hope and pray that Maggie turns out okay!

So....what kind of mom are you?


  1. Easy-Peasy. I am a boys mom. I am surrounded by Legos, Nerf, Sports (to some degree) and AirSoft.

    My daughter enjoys those activities also. We totally are not a crafty type of family. Most of the time is spent running running and running some more!

  2. my mom swears UP AND DOWN that our brother was easier to raise that my sister and i!

  3. Oh, Maggie is going to be just fine, I am sure of that.
    I only have girls, and I really don't know what I would do with a boy. Surely, I would figure it out, but I think I did good with girls. (thankfully, they were not dramatic!) and Lo was WAY up THERE with energy...like a boy. I thought she might be an only child for a while...she made me crazy!

  4. everyone says boys are easier...i don't know anyone who says the opposite. for me-my boys are harder. one of the things that drives me nuts is the competition thing. yeah we have that. everything is a race, everything is intense for the win, it personally drives me crazy though...can't anything be just for fun? apparently with more than one boy there always has to be compeitition.
    but i am totally cool with the outside play thing. they are happy to just run. i find this easier than having to invent some dramatic play with dolls etc.

  5. 3 girls, one boy, and one mystery baby to go... I am definitely a girl-mom. Being on the pink, princesses, drama... I've got this. ;)

    P.S. I never read blogs anymore, so I lose time so easily. When did your babies grow up?!? Wow.

  6. I am so a Mama of Girls. Hands down. I know that I would learn what to do with a boy, but during each pregnancy there was a tiny moment that I was scared out of my mind thinking, "what if it's a boy? Will I know what to do??" I like dress up, and beauty shop, and arts and crafts, and dance class :)

  7. I'm a boys mom. I only have boys so far, but I know I'll go girly crazy with a girl. I can't wait to have a girl to dress up.

  8. With 5 boys, I am definitely a boys mum.

    We have 3 girls and they are much harder especially the teenage ones. I am not looking forward to Amelia being a teenager because she is already copying her two older sisters a bit and wants to be more grown up than they did at 10.


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