Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's the First Week of October!

Geez, 2011 has just fuh-lown by!  Right?

Lots of stuff happening this week.  We went to a wedding this weekend.  It was fun but we ducked out early to get Alexander to bed.  The bride looked so beautiful :)

I went to visit a friend who had her first baby.  Look at all that beautiful hair (mom and baby!)  

Monday is my first day back at a full-time job.  It's a new job too, and one I am very excited about.  I'm now officially the Business Manager at our Catholic high school (where Phil teaches).'s also my first day away from Xander B (that's what Eamon calls him).  It's a sad world we live in where moms have to work away from their babes just to make ends meet.  I wish we lived on a farm and had zero debt.  I may just be a tad bit emotional over leaving him :(

Tuesday is Andrew's 7th birthday.  Yippee!  Andrew is an old soul and I always feel like he is older than he is.

On top of that, we have two soccer practices, three games, and a friend's birthday party for John-Paul.

I think I need to go make a to-do list to help get my OCD under control.  Yes, just typing "list" makes me feel more relaxed.  Did y'all know I was Type A and slightly OCD?

Excuse me if I'm not around as much, but I'll be checking blogs on my lunch break!


  1. I've been thinking of you as you prepare to transition into a new job, going back to work and leaving Alexander. Good luck!

    I wish we could have no debt (the mortgage is the biggest part) and my hubby could be home with me, but we'd still have an income. My husband often dreams and wishes that we could move to somewhere like Montana and start a Catholic community and be self-sufficient. (Basically, Catholic Amish :) Yup, maybe one day....

    I do believe some wonderful women are slightly on the edge of OCD...myself included. Cheers!

  2. I'll be praying for you tomorrow. I know it will be a tough day for you but I also know that you will all be just fine!

  3. It is a sad world, Colleen! You are so right. If it were up to me, Mamas would be paid to be at home because it is such an important job {but have you noticed that a lot of the really important jobs aren't paid very well? Hello . . . teachers!} Anyway. I'm excited you're excited about the new job. How fun that it will be at Phil's h.s.! I've said it before, but I SO wish we lived closer. I would love to watch Mr. Xander B! ;)

    And yeah, just thinking of making out a list makes me breathe a little easier too :)

  4. i hope the week goes well. i know God will give you some special graces to get through.


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