Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes: The Fitness and Fatness Edition

1) Confession Time: I tried to give up sugar this week - but I didn't succeed.  I'm an addict, and the gigantuous bowl of Halloween candy sitting in my dining room didn't help.  I'm ashamed of my lack of discipline.

2) How long can you get by with saying "Yeah, but I just had a baby" to your reflection in the mirror?  When's the cutoff age?  Three months?  Nine months?  17 years?

3) Me and my bangs have a love/hate relationship.  I cut bangs in the beginning of October, and now I am constantly pinning them back or wearing them off to the side because they drive me crazy.  I have a huge forehead so I always think bangs will help hide it, but after they are cut, I find them so annoying.

4) My exercise routine is suffering.  Most weeks, I only have time to workout 4 days (I used to do 6 or 7 days a week before Xander's arrival).  It's mostly because I am too tired to work out early in the morning, too tired to work out at night, and our lives are so busy on the weekend and after school that I can't seem to find enough time.  I know I'll be better once the baby is sleeping through the night.  And I may need to add some exercise videos to my routine for those days I can't get to the gym.

5) And let's talk about breastfeeding, shall we?  I'm still hanging in there, eating a limited (and sadly, a low vegetable) diet, and feeling like I can't cut calories too much or my milk supply decreases.  Some days I am resigned to the fact that I will just not lose weight and be back to normal until I'm done breastfeeding, and other days I can't button my pants and tell myself I need to stop making excuses.

6) I just packed up all my size 6 pants because I got sick of looking at all those pants that won't fit.  I know that's a pretty unrealistic size for a mother of five but I want them to fit one day.  And I want to stop buying shirts on the sole basis that they can hide the muffin top!!

7) Ok, I'm done whining.  It's hard being a girl ;) 


  1. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself. First of all, if you celebrate Halloween, this was not the week to try to go sugar-free. Start with a week that will not have a bunch of sugar dangled in front of you. Secondly, we moms do a lot for our children from the moment we are pregnant on. When I gave birth to #4 in March, I had baby weight still from all 4 kids. Due to vacations, trips and moving, I didn't start dieting until the end of July. I have only lost, on average, 5 pounds per month, so it is slow going but it took me 6 years to put on 50 pounds, it isn't all going to come off that fast. I'm still breastfeeding too and that is another reason it is good not to lose it too fast. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your baby is still so young and it isn't exactly like he is the only one you are taking care of when your time disappears during the day. Don't beat yourself up. Do your best and ask God to do the rest.

    God Bless †

  2. You have 5 kids and you work! I am amazed that you find any time at all to workout much less 4 times a week. I would use both of those factors as reasons to NEVER workout!

    I am certain that once the baby is sleeping through the night, your workouts will improve and I would give yourself a year before you pack away those size 6s for good.

    Hang in there and enjoy your baby and the rest of your cute kiddos and the weight loss will happen when your body is ready!

  3. Awww, it IS hard being a girl. I have to agree that you're being WAY too hard on yourself. You are a busy, busy mama of 5! I stay at home and still don't find enough exercise time. I guess it's just not at the top of my priority list right now. But it needs to be. Give yourself some time, and I've started realizing that my body changes {sometimes permanently} after each baby. Trying to fit into something I used to fit into or look the way I used to just isn't realistic sometimes. And as far as how long can you say that you just had a baby? Um, I'm hoping for a long time! I still say it ;)

  4. Stop making me laugh so hard! Trust me, I'm only laughing because I can relate. *ugh* I remember going in to the Dr. at two weeks postpartum with Gianna and him asking how I was doing. I couldn't look him in the eyes because I felt so unlike myself and really struggling with my body. He encouraged me to get moving and exercise as I could since he knew I'd feel so much better. Reed was also at that appt. and replied to the question with "she's trying to adjust and kind of struggling with it..." My doctor (who is also our family friend) laughed and said something like "nice save and way to side step the question". He knew me too well and that I just was not quite myself.

    I do think we always tend to over react and are just too hard on ourselves. I start to get restless in the process of losing the baby weight, despite the sweet bliss of loving and enjoying my little one. I struggle with the idea of 'interim' clothes and wearing them when I'd really like to be wearing the smaller stuff.

    Just had to let you know that you are not alone. Take your time and be patient with yourself.

  5. I still have a ways to go with the weight loss and I know it is not all going to come off until I stop nursing, that is just how our bodies are. I give myself 9 months. . it took nine to gain it and I get nine to lose it!

  6. Trying to give up sugar during the week of Halloween is not trying to be disciplined . . . to me it would seem like torture ;P I would not worry about the weight . . . give yourself some time and it will come off. Of, course I can say that, but I struggled just as you are when I was nursing my boys. It will come off Colleen, be patient with yourself and your body.

  7. I think giving up crack would be easier than sugar.
    On the baby weight. I use that excuse all the time...and my baby is 18...of course, the baby weight was gone 16 years ago, but it found it's way back!!!

    I have had the same issue with my bangs for 44 years. 44. did you hear that? 44. It's not over till the fat lady sings. And sadly that is now me. :) I hated the day that I had to purchase size 6 anything...and now I pine away hoping they will fit again too!!!
    Whine away.

  8. Ah Colleen,

    You are very hard on yourself. First of all....FIVE kids and working outside the home! I can barely get three workouts in with two less kids and work inside the home (although sometimes I think that's harder to get to the gym b/c I have zero time without kids)

    I know how hard it can be to not be where you want to be weight wise. Take it easy, go slow and it will come off. Also, some things may just be different after babies.

    Being patient is hard, it will happen. :)


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