Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - The 4 Years and 4 Months Edition

 1) My little girl turned my favorite age yesterday: FOUR!  She requested M&M pancakes and tacos, which we had for breakfast and dinner, respectively.

2) Her godfather, Fr. Dave came over for dinner and gave her this awesome medieval castle from Melissa and Doug complete with the royal family:

3) Gammy and Grandpa came over as well, and Maggie was very happy with their gifts of a cute dress and "four monies", and of course a Princess card:

4) We had "chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with M&M's and a princess" just as she requested.  She also asked for hot fudge, but I had to draw the line somewhere.  That girl is in love with chocolate!

5) Her boyfriend, Robby, sent her this birthday message:

6) My other baby turned 4 months old on Nov. 26th! 
What a sweetie...he has everyone wrapped around his little finger:

7) Xander is soooooo big and happy.  My parents compared him to a sumo wrestler last night ;)
We recently moved him to a crib in another bedroom and he is sleeping through the night!!!


  1. Maggie looks so happy! Hooray for sleeping through the night! So happy for you!

  2. What a great birthday! Zander does look so cute and chubby!

  3. Right on, Maggie! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!Looks yummy and it looks like you had a very special birthday.

    Sweet Xander, you are getting so big. You look like a very handsome and happy baby.

    So jealous, Colleen, that he's sleeping thru the night. Gianna, still not sleeping thru the night and baby arrives in roughly 10 weeks. Oh Lordy.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. The chins!! Oh the chins!! I love to practically chew on Baby's chins, they are so delicious. ( does that sound weird?!)

    And happy, happy birthday to Maggie! She looks like she had a great one! :)


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