Monday, December 12, 2011

"All I Want for Christmas" or "Phil, I'm Making This Easy for You!"

1) A healthy baby and delivery for three of my mommy friends.  You are all in my prayers!

2) An end to abortion.  Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that would be especially nice!

Now for the more materialistic...

3) An iPhone. 

4) An arm band to hold my iPod while I run.

5) An electric car starter, because baby, it's cold outside!

6) Some bangers (Irish sausage).

7) Tights.

8) Just Dance Wii game.  I love to bustamove in the privacy of my own home :)

Ok, that's it. 

What do YOU want for Christmas???


  1. Most of all, I relaly like to do all I can to make it an enjoyable Christmas for everyone else (mostly my kids).

    But, being materialistic, I still have 'needs'. Nothing major this year. Both hubby and I struggled with compiling our lists.

    A couple of books: Childless and Rediscovering Catholicism (Matthew Kelly); hoodies (or just any comfy clothes that will fit the end of pregnancy and use again after baby);wet/dry shaver;gift cards for local coffee places.

    See? I'm keepin' it real. ha!

  2. I would love Just Dance too :) Fun way to lose some extra baby weight {for me!}

    Mostly I just love all of us being together on Christmas. With Jeremy being a firefighter, he's not guaranteed Christmas Day off. We've been so blessed to have him home, I believe, 9 out of 10 Christmases. And this year? Christmas Eve too! YAY!

  3. A sandwich from Zingermans. That's all.

  4. End of of my list also.

    I would love a new camera. Mine is 10yrs old and works...but is old. that is it!

  5. I love my just dance games....did you see they have an ABBA version now?? Ok, now I am showing my age.
    and I just told you what was on my wish list!!!

  6. I want another computer so my hub and I can play World of Warcraft together as well as with our friends back in Albuquerque. It's a fun pasttime to do after the kids go sleep. =)


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