Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Why We Choose Catholic Schools Edition


In honor of Catholic Schools Week, here are some of the reasons why we send our children to Catholic schools:

1) The charitable service aspect of the schools.  The Catholic schools in our area are constantly accepting clothing for the homeless, raising money for good causes, buying gifts for children who would otherwise go without, donating their time at soup kitchens, fixing up homes and buildings for lower-income people...the list goes on and on.  Catholic school students learn how important it is to give of their time, energy and talents. 

2) We support the Church and Diocese.  I believe if parents can afford to send their children to Catholic school, then they should strongly consider it.  Otherwise, Catholic schools suffer and those teachers are out of jobs. 

3) The uniforms!  I love that they don't feel the need to worry about fashion, and that I don't have to argue with them about what to wear.  It saves tons of money on clothes too.  Just buy three sets of uniforms, and wash and repeat.  Easy!

4) The family-style feel of the schools.  Where little preschoolers have "big buddies" that come read to them, sit with them at Mass, and say hello to them in the hall.  Where bonds are formed so deeply because there is a common set of core values and morals amongst the student body.

5) The teachers who teach purely for the love of teaching.  Because it's obviously not for the paycheck ;)

6) The students are disciplined and taught to respect authority.  No backtalk or rude behavior is acceptable, and the teachers have no problem communicating with the parents if anyone comes up below those expectations.  And you know what happens in a disciplined classroom?  Teachers are free to teach, and therefore children learn more!  The academics at the Catholic schools Phil and I have attended far surpassed the academics at the public schools we attended.

7) Our children learn about their faith in every aspect of their day, not just in religion class.  Our four year old sings songs about Mary and Jesus as if it's as normal as singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider.    Even in the Catholic high school where we work, they have morning prayer, grace before lunch, and each class begins with a prayer.  That means students are praying 7 times a day before 2:00!  It's important to us that our children view their faith and prayer life as part of their everyday routine, and not just when they go to Mass on Sunday.  While we strongly believe that parents are the primary educators in the matters of faith, why not get the help and support we need from a place where our children spend most of their waking hours?

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Amen!

    And I'm just going to copy and paste this on to my blog, 'mmkay? Because I have to be up at school in 20 minutes for the closing Mass and following talent show.

    (that's another great thing about Catholic schools - parents are always around and welcome.)

  2. I second them all. LOVE the strict and rules and the clear consequences, LOVE the uniforms especially as the kid's get older-saves so much stress for these kids and allows them to concentrate on what school is really about instead of what the latest "in" thing is. You said it so well Colleen.

  3. What a beautiful post! You should send this in to your dioscean newspaper!

  4. I love homeschooling for a lot of reasons, but if my husband and I both had to work again, I'd love it if we could afford to send our kids to a Catholic school. The community feel seems so amazing.

  5. Great post Collen! I am so thankful we were able to send our kids to a Catholic school this year.

    I second everything you said.

  6. I agree with Cari. Lovely words for your Diocese. I work in my Diocese's Office of Catholic Schools and even though I'm an administrative assistant, I felt proud to read your quick takes.

  7. So agree! We feel blessed to have our children in Catholic schools and to be the product of them ourselves! It is a safe haven and a place they can learn in a faith filled curriculum! Very well said!

  8. Been busy this week also with all the goings'on with our school. Spent the morning with the kids at Mass watching my daughter sing and son read a petition. After, there was adoration. Beautiful music for the soul.

    MY ONLY WISH...uniforms for our school.

    My first art teaching job was at a Catholic School. It was a great experience.

  9. ps....forgot to add the wonderful blessing we all got for the feast day today...St. Blaise!

  10. As a Catholic School Student from Pre-k through Jesuit College, I agree whole heartedly. I have taught in a Catholic school and in a Public school, and it is definitely easier and more rewarding at a Catholic School (and, I actually made more at the Catholic school).

    Your post brought back memories, and thoughts of my 7 younger siblings (4 of whom are still at the same Catholic Schools I went to) 3,000 miles away. :-)

    Thank you, that was awesome & made my day.

  11. We love our Catholic School too! I also love that the kids go to Mass during the week and take leadership roles in the Mass!

    Love it all!

  12. Ps....I saw your new running widget...going to look for you on there! :)

  13. Yes x 7! We love our Catholic School!


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