Monday, February 27, 2012

From the Mouths of our Littles...

Maggie (4), upon watching Daddy cook John-Paul and my birthday dinner and cake said, "Daddy, you are the best cook and caker in the whole world!"

Just after going to Fr.Bill's wake, we were talking about how wonderful he was.  How he had lost his mother at only 4 years old, spent his whole life taking care of his sister Mary Louise who was in a wheel chair, became an amazing priest, and literally gave away all his money and possessions before he died.  I said to the kids, "Fr. Bill must be in Heaven because he was such a good and holy man" and Eamon (5) said "No, he's not in Heaven...he's in the box!"

Maggie, whining about where she had to sit for dinner, "Why do we always have to sit in our science seats?"

Phil overheard this gem of a conversation recently:
Eamon: "blah blah blah...sense of humor"
Maggie: "What's a sense of humor?"
Eamon: "When one adult says something that isn't funny, and then another adult laughs at it...they have a sense of humor!"


  1. This is hilarious. And my sense of humor is going to send me into the box with laughter.

    I love this new header, too!

  2. Oh those are funny! I like the new header too. =)

  3. Hysterical. Especially "that isn't funny". So awesome!

  4. Aww! Like "Quips and Quotes" from the good ole days. So cute!

  5. Love it, love it, love it! Miss you guys! Hugs to all.


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