Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things I Wish I Had Thought of Earlier

1) Problem:
Every morning, my kids would go to put their shoes on from the communal shoe basket.  
Shoes would go flying, kids would be screaming, and it was a disaster every morning.  

I bought four small baskets so each child has their own place to put their shoes.  No more shoes all over the place or elbowing each other trying to get to theirs.

2) Problem:
Since we only let the kids watch one tv show each weeknight, it is a pretty big deal which show gets chosen.  Of course it's almost impossible for a 9, 7, 5, and 4 year old to agree on which show to watch.  Every night would lead to someone being disappointed or Phil and I just picking a show nobody liked because they were all being unreasonable.

One night I wrote down their four names and told them the first one got to pick the show, the next one picked the next night, and so on.  Done, no more arguments, they just take their turn and pick their show and that's it.

3) Problem:
The kids have a chance to buy snacks at the snack counter after school.  They were always begging us for a dollar, but one dollar each for every school day is $20 per week.  Too much for us to dole out.

Every day at school that they are well-behaved and don't get "spoken to" or a check, or whatever is equivalent of getting in trouble, they earn a quarter.  On Friday morning, if they've been good all week, they get $1.00.  If they had one bad day, they get 75 cents, etc.  Now they have an incentive to be good all week and look forward to their snack money on Fridays.

4) Problem:
Maggie is scared of the night (no idea where she gets that from...) and will sometimes start to cry that she is going to have bad dreams at night.

I took a bottle of an old Victoria's Secret perfume, and told her it was "Good Dream Spray" and spritzed a little in her room one night.  The next morning she said it worked and asks for it every night now.  

Now I know these are not wicked smaht said in my Boston accent ideas, but they are common sense solutions that I wish I had thought of sooner.  And I'm thinking all you wicked smaht ladies out there have way more solutions like this that you could share with me...so start spilling....please!!


  1. Perfume is a great idea! I'm gonna have to keep that one in my Mom files for when I might need it.

  2. You changed things over here, love the new picture!

    That last one, We use holy water and have, absolutely have to say for my oldest girl (who is 9) (it's been being said for about 6 years or more) "St John Bosco, please help surround our beds with angels and saints and help them to dream happy happy dreams about Jesus"

    She says if it's not said, she has bad dreams.

    Great solutions mama!

  3. These are all awesome. Now come solve my parenting problems. I have millions.

  4. These are wicked smart!! Thanks for sharing :)
    I have a cute hook in each of the kids' room, it's for pjs that have been worn once, or jeans that can be worn again. Not sure how amazing that is, but it's all I've got ;)

  5. I LOVE these ideas! I need to print this post!

    I love the Good Dream Spray idea. When I was little my brother used to give me applesauce and tell me it got rid of bad dreams. I swear it worked! I'm totally going to use that on my kids someday!

  6. our shoes are always lost. despite the fact i insist they be in the same place by the door everyday--I never find them somehow.

    we have the snack issue here too. except i never give them money lol. my mom on the other hand slips them cash. They use that when they have it.

    good idea for a post tho.

  7. Oh my gosh you are wicked smaht!
    We don't do shoe baskets though...you know how I am with clutter. So my kids keep their shoes in their closet. Well, I mean they keep them in the vicinity of their closet...sometimes one could possibly end up in there. on accident.
    the dream spray is brilliant!


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