Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

Doing some spring cleaning and playing around here.  

Daddy and his mini-me

My little mini-me and his robot drawings

We're thinking about having a yard sale.  Anyone have any tips to make it successful?

And maybe we should sell some of our old appliances for scrap metal.  
I wonder how much we could get?

Then maybe we'll finally get our house on the market.

Baby steps :)


  1. i had a yard sale once. made under 5 dollars. total flop. other people i hear are making tons of cash. i guess it depends on the area you live tho.

    the first week of May there is a huge community yard sale and we always go there to get good stuff. i would check into a community yard sale if they have one near you to sell stuff.

  2. Yard sale success? Price things cheap!!!

  3. There's a couple of houses for sale in my neighborhood. You two wouldn't mind a bit of a commute, would you?

  4. I was never good at garage sales and I've been banned from having one ever again. {the rudest people attend mine for some reason}
    I think you can sell your old appliances for sure....google it for your area!
    I do hope that is not plastic I see in the garbage can. *fainting*


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