Thursday, April 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes THURSDAY

Well, since tomorrow is Good Friday and I probably should get in all my last minute Lenten activities while I can (and start the Divine Mercy Novena), I'm posting this one a day early.  Jen - hope you don't mind!

1) Andrew had his half birthday on Wednesday.  He woke up in the morning and said "Now that I'm seven and a half, I feel taller". 
Eamon had his half birthday last week, and was on the verge of tears at dinner when I asked him if he felt any older.  "No, I'm not even any bigger or even any stronger".  He told me that he didn't feel five and a half, he still felt five.  So I threw a candle in his chocolate pudding (dessert) and he blew it out, and immediately felt older.  The next morning I caught him feeling his biceps as he announced "Now I'm much stronger". 
Oh he's a funny one, that Eamon.  Last night at dinner, I told him to eat faster because he needed to take a shower, and he said "I'm a slow eater.  I can't help it.  I just like chattin' too much!"

2) On Sunday we participated in an MS Walk to raise money in finding a cure for MS.  My sister's husband was diagnosed with MS about 7 years ago and he is only 31 we want to find a cure.  Like yesterday already.

3) This past weekend, Phil and I went to an auction held by the Catholic high school we work at. It was so much fun!

We bid on and won a birthday party at a gymnastics place that Maggie is just going to thrilled about.
 Her fifth birthday isn't until December 1st so I'm not telling her about it until November 30th.  There's no way I want to hear a million times over ~ "Is it my birthday yet?  How 'bout now? How many more days until my party?"

4) While we love having our buddha baby around, he is making it impossible to join in any of the Holy Week activities at our parish.  Everything starts at 7 or 8 at night, and if he's not asleep in his own crib by 7, then he'll be fussing for the whole time.  Not even a hundred puffs could make him happy at that time of day.

So it's liturgical celebrating in the home this year. Maybe we can wash each other's feet tonight ;)  Phil and I are going to watch The Passion and tomorrow we can read through the stations with the kids. We were lucky enough to go to Confession at work (daily Mass and weekly Confession offered just around the corner from my office) this week.  Yet I still never feel really ready to celebrate Easter.  I wonder what's standing in my way?

5) My brother's wife, Angela, is becoming a Catholic at the Easter Vigil Mass!!  Yay!!  We're so glad to have her!

6) I got this book in the mail this week, and told Phil to stick it in my Easter basket.  He was like, "Oh man, I always forget that I need to get you a gift for Easter" and I told him not to worry because I buy enough gifts for myself with his money ;)

7) For the kids, I got them each a book that had their name in it (religious books for the ones who can read, and little picture books for the wee ones):
For Andrew
For Eamon
For Maggie
For Xander

Then I just stuff their baskets with a teeny bit of candy, some gum, a toothbrush, and some stupid dollar toys and call it done.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Look at you two, all cute and dressed up..looking good!!
    Eamon cracks me up. I can just imagine how cute he is when he's talking about growing big and strong.
    I hear you on Holy Week and little ones. We still haven't figured out what we'll do tonight. Most options are at 7 or 8pm. Not ideal with two littles. With Gianna's busyness and that being right at bedtime, the outcome certainly doesn't seem like it would be good. Thankfully, we have afternoon options for Good Friday and we'll get to attend. Unfortunately, there are no Holy Week masses at our little church here in town, so we have to drive somewhere else either way.
    Blessed Triduum to your family Colleen.

    1. Happy Easter to you too Sarah!

      WIth your two littles, I wouldn't even contemplate any evening activities!! We had just gotten into an "easy spot" (with kid's ages) before Xander came, and so now it feels like we are back tracking on our ability to do family things...

  2. Thanks for walking for MS! I was diagnosed in 1997 and appreciate everyone who raises money to help find the cure.

    And on a side note, once when Peter was a baby, we feed him so many Cheerios trying to keep him quiet that he threw up all over the place. (Parenting FAIL!) So I don't blame you for staying home!

    Happy Easter!

  3. OH, you look so beautiful with your hubby!!

    I love sweet baby budha!! I have not been able to go to Good Friday services since....let's see....My oldest girl was almost 2, she and her brother were laying on the floor having temper tantrums, it was at the point of no return. I left, drenched in sweat...they almost made it to Communion time....SO Tom is taking the bigger kids tonite and tomorrow.

    There will be plenty of time--plenty of years to come where we will be able to participate in everything!

    I used to do the MS walk (my close friend has MS and Tom has an aunt and cousin with it) til we found out they do fetal testing, and have no qualms about it, check out their website--it's a little hard to find, and they word it something to the fact they will do anything to find a cure. (even use aborted babies) I've had type 1 Diabetes since I was 10 and don't give money for a cure for the same I understand the "I have it" thing....

    Gosh, congratulations to Angela!!!

    And I LOVE the idea of new toothbrushes in the baskets...but then they will for sure know it's me!! Haha! I usually try to NOT get anything Reeces so as not to be tempted to steal.

    Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!

    1. Thanks for that info my desire to help out, I did not researcg the National MS Organization at all. Sigh.

      And yeah, my kids don't know what to believe about the Easter Bunny or Santa or whatever (we are purposefully vague) so I can put in there whatever I want :)

  4. My 3 boys all hate candy. Johnpaul said I hope I dont get a bunch of candy on easter morning If I do I'll cry. So what do I put in there? Lol.

    Now all 3 girls love chocolate. Imagine that? I think it's a genetic thing.

    We just had an auction thing at our school too.

  5. Dang girl. Work that blue dress!

    *must not covet other people's clothing.....*

  6. wow, you won a gymnastics birthday party - that's an awesome prize!

    have a blessed easter triduum!


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