Monday, April 2, 2012

To Teenage Girls Everywhere

Dear Teenage Girls,
   Hi ladies!  I just wanted to take a minute to write you a note and let you know how beautiful you are. 

   Oh you're probably shaking your head and thinking that if you were so beautiful then Tommy would have noticed you by now.  Forget Tommy.  There are a million Tommy's in this world.  Trust me, most high school boyfriends are not all they are cracked up to be.  Wait until your twenties to start looking for a good guy who wants to date you for the right reasons. 

     There's one way to help attract a good guy, and that's by dressing like a good girl.  I can't believe the outfits I see on some of your friends.  Skirts that barely cover anything, dresses so tight and low cut that I'm amazed they aren't falling off.  And the leggings.  Oh the leggings.  Repeat after me...leggings are not pants.  Leggings are super cute under a skirt or dress, but they should not stand alone. 

      I had a friend in college that had been through a conversion in his life, and he told me that when he used to go to the gentleman's clubs (trust me, there are no gentlemen that go to those kind of clubs), it was always the waitresses who got more attention than the dancers.  The women who were actually wearing clothes were more intriguing and enticing then the women who took them off.  Because a man who is attracted to a woman will be attracted to her no matter if she is wearing a miniskirt or a burlap sack.  But a man who is just looking for a woman as a source of pleasure will probably only go after the one in a miniskirt.  So girls, pull on those burlap sacks and score the man of your dreams!

     Seriously though, if you only knew how beautiful and fleeting youth is, you would truly treasure the gifts you have been given.  Don't pine away for the future years when you can drive or date or go to college or have babies.  Just enjoy this stage of your life because you will never be this age again.  There is no need to rush the growing up....the growing up will rush into you.

     Be kind to one another.  Girls are sometimes hard to get along with.  They can be catty and gossip too much and so very hard on each other.  We are hard enough on ourselves, right?  So let's try to encourage and support one another.  Pay someone a compliment, smile more, invite a new girl to your lunch table.  There is nothing more attractive than a kind hearted person.  So be that person.  And surround yourself with like minded people.  Because even if you don't believe that you are who you hang out with, you must agree that you appear to others as the friends kept in your company.  Respect yourselves and you will earn respect.  Leave the drama at the stage.

     You are beautiful, you are full of promise, and you are loved.  Enjoy each's a gift, that's why we call it the present :)


  1. Love it!
    Except I have to defend my husband's honor and furiously disagree with your assessment of high school boyfriends (ahem).

  2. I swear 10 years ago the outfits were not this bad. Now you can spend days looking and find nothing to wear for these teen girls. Better to just dress them in pants instead of dresses which basically cover your butt only.

    The catty gossip starts in preschool and just gets worse as they get older unless the parents make a good example for their little girls. But yes this is my number 1 pet peeve. By the time they are in 6 th grade girls are awful to each other. Honestly, my dd is nice and so therefore she has no friends because everyone thinks she is weird to be nice to unpopular ppl.

    And lastly, she is not allowed to date until she graduates from high school because this is 2012 and they don't date. They just have sex. Lol. Dating is practice for marriage and she won't be ready to get married until she is over 18. My daughter thinks I am being irrational on this one but too bad. If I could prevent her from dating until after college I would lol but I think that may be a bit much for her.

  3. Do you want to write to my girls in a couple years?

  4. I need to defend my husband as well. We actually got married our senior year of high school (and no, I wasn't knocked up!) and we just celebrated our 7th anniversary. I certainly wouldn't recommend it in most cases though, so this was a perfect letter to teen girls. :)

  5. Great post!I'm having a hard time with my 15 year old daughter right now because I'm that mom who has morals and doesn't let her wear trashy clothes. Thanks for the reinforcements!

    Glad to know their are others out there.

  6. thanks i am 13 and i am the girl who is smart, always dresses appropriately, and can see the bigger picture in life... your letter/ post really reassured me that life goes on and these ignorant girls will not hold me back... thanks... oh and by the way, i go to a catholic school and i had to write a paper on in-vitro-fertilizaton i think you would really like it! :)

  7. Excellent Colleen!! Maybe I should print this since clearly I will have THREE girls in their teen years sooner than I can imagine...

  8. I wish I'd read this when I was in high school!


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