Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Seven of My Best Purchases

1) My baby that helps me clean the house.

2) The best computer we've ever owned.

3) Our weekend treats.

4) These have lasted forever.

5) This turns my house into a home (ok, I don't have that exact one, but it sure is cute!).

6) I use this every day, and stock up whenever it's on sale, it's my signature scent.

7) This is the only way we can watch tv in peace, after the kids are asleep.

How about you?  

Have a beautiful weekend y'all!!


  1. Our best "fancy gadget" is our kitchenaid mixer, which we got as a gift for our wedding. I know we'd never have afforded one on our own and it is SO nice to have!

  2. My Dyson is in my will right under my son, my husband, the cats, and my laptop in terms of being allowed to inherit. My cats hate "the evil machine" but it keeps the dander down so we can all live in the house together and I don't have to have allergy shots.

  3. I adore my dyson....and my Mac too!
    Oh, I have so many favorite things, but I think perhaps my Kitchen Aid Fridge?? It is 6 years old and I'm still in the honeymoon phase. :)


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