Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) For our ten year anniversary, I walked into my office at work and found this waiting for me:
I am such a sucker for these cards with little kid's dressed in old-timey adult clothing.  Strange, no?

2) More importantly was what was written inside the card.  I'm not sharing the lovey dovey parts, but at the bottom Phil wrote:

P.S. PROM???

And so I've finally been asked to Prom!  We are going tonight (as chaperones).

3) Somebody learned how to pull himself up this week:
Look how proud he is of his new trick! 

And then he realized he could eat the yummies off the dirty silverplasticware....score!

4) Phil's final three grad classes for his second Master's (in Administration) have started already.  So he's been found here more often than not sitting in front of his computer being all scholarly and stuff:

5) I watched Forks Over Knives this week, and LOVED it.  If I weren't married with children, I would totally eat like this documentary suggested.  Except I may not ever be able to give up cheese, eggs or yogurt.  So maybe I could follow it 80%.  There is a new cookbook coming out this summer, which I would love to get.  Hint to the hint hint squared.

6) We also watched Being Elmo, which is the documentary about the puppeteer who is/does/acts/plays Elmo.  It was very interesting and inspiring to learn about his story.  I love me some documentaries, and we just got Netflix for the summer so I can watch to my little heart's content.  Does anyone have any good ones to recommend?

7) TGIF!!  I am so excited for Prom and a looooong weekend filled with cookouts and parades and family time!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. Arranged is a good one you can get on Netflix. I've been busy watching Xena season 1 while I work out. Nothing like some butt kicking motivation. =)

  2. I will have to see that documentary. That orchid is beautiful, but I would kill it in a week . . . I told my hubby he can NEVER buy me potted flowers, I do not have a green thumb at all!

  3. About a month ago was my very first night away from Joe EVER. My husband and I could have done ANYTHING (except drink, since I'm pregers) but we stayed at home and watched Being Elmo. I'm a huge nerd and really interested in all that Muppetering. Proof that I am old AND a geek!

  4. PROM!?!?! That is beyond awesome! Have a blast.

  5. God Grew Tired of Us was a great documentary. I also love the food ones! We have yet to watch Fed Up and Food Matters but Food Inc was fascinating (a little hard to watch if I remember correctly). We also enjoyed some of the episodes of 30 days.

    I'll have to put Forks Over Knives in our queue!

  6. PROM!!! That is so exciting. I can't wait to see pictures ;) And uh how flipping cute is Xander??? I see so many similarities between him and your other beautiful kids - it's crazy!

    Lastly, I stopped Forks over Knives when I saw it was proclaiming veganism as proper. YUCK! You know both Angelina Jolie and Ginnifer Goodwin were vegans until they ran into such bad health problems they had to incorporate healthy pastured & properly fed/raised meats into their diets? Eggs and dairy as well. But you know how I am with this food stuff. I'm so opinionated ;) Because good food deserves a chance - TO GET IN MY BELLY!!!!

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  8. Love your orchid and the cute card.
    A friend of ours asked me to prom this weekend too. Too bad we are both in our mid 40's and prom isn't until next spring...we could have a broken hip by then! :)
    Hey, Cocoa loves to pre-wash the silverware too. LOL


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