Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Second Makes His First

Sunday morning, Andrew awoke to find a present for his special day:
(Love Maggie's face.  And the black snake. Didn't we order a girl?)

He was psyched!

We cleaned the house like crazy people all weekend to get ready for the party and the realtor who came to take pictures of our house in order to list it.  In all the madness, we didn't get one.single.picture of us with Andrew. 

Excuse me while I collect myself.  *Sniff*

He was so excited to go, with his new Miraculous Mary medal (thanks Gammy!) and cross pin on his vest:

Gammy and Grandpa

You can tell he was a wee bit nervous because he's biting his lip in most of the pictures:

Monsignor (our Pastor) giving the homily:

There's the lip biting again:

And finally a smile breaks through!

Twenty Seven First Communicants:

But there's always one that sticks out:

I loved how they all wore robes.  That way nobody was overly obsessed with how they looked.  Of course the girls were taking off their robes to get pictures of their beautiful dresses as soon as it was over. 

Stay close to Our Lady my sweet son!

It was a glorious day.  The sun was shining, the food was yummy, and the company (my family) was great.  We had such a good time that I didn't take one picture of the party.  Very unlike me, but very satisfying nonetheless.


  1. i never saw robes like that before. Interesting.

    at least you got some nice pics of him tho I didn't get any pics of our son that are good. There were 67 in our group which is too where to sit and too crowded.

    anyway looks like a happy day for everyone. congrats.

  2. Sounds like a happy day! Congratulations to him!

  3. I didn't get one single picture of us with my Andrew's so hard when you have so much to do that day to remember that little tidbit isn't it? Congratulations to Andrew!

  4. Wonderful! What a great day! The robes are interesting. Our parish has pretty "strict rules" on what the kids wear. All boys are in dark suits. They all look the same. I am not sure about the girls . . .

  5. Congrats to your son and your family. The robe is something new for me also. Never saw that before.

    God Bless him forever! That statue of Mary is just perfect.

  6. I love it!! He looks so big when he is all dressed up in nice clothes :) Congratulations!!! And I've decided I won't let you take Elena since she'll obsess over her clothes if she is living with 4 studmuffins who aren't related to her!!

  7. Congratulations to Andrew!!!
    I just hope that black snake was a toy. :)

  8. Congrats Andrew!! You are so handsome. I love the robes too Colleen. Very cute.

    Glad that you could enjoy yourself enough and abandon the camera. Sometimes that's a good thing for mama :)


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