Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day at the Park

Well, it wasn't actually a whole day at the park, more like a half hour after a long day.  And then we went for ice cream afterwards.  Basically our typical weekend activity in the nice weather!

 This little man loves being outside, but also loves putting everything into his mouth, which means if we're outside he's usually in a swing or in our arms.  He's still such a happy-go-lucky baby and we all adore him!

 My middle child picked out his own outfit.  It's called preppy school boy on top and sporty soccer boy on the bottom.  And of course, the polo must be buttoned all the way to the top!  He cracks me up!

 John-Paul sees every pole as an opportunity to climb.  And every doorway too.  He's very strong and fast, and we like him to get his energy out like this instead of curled up reading a book (which is his other favorite activity).

 Some days my only girl is just so girly - it kills me!  Look at that dress, those shoes, the pony tail.  She wants to wear dresses every day, and still hates braids.

 Andrew lost 2 teeth this weekend.  The tooth fairy forgot to come that night, so in the morning, Andrew told us that we didn't do our job, and I went into my purse and gave him a dollar.  How come I'm still paying when he's done believing?

Who's bigger, the 10 month old or the 5 year old?  It's hard to tell :)

Maggie's last day of preschool (she will do another year next year) is today, Eamon's last day of preschool is tomorrow, and John-Paul and Andrew are finished on June 14th.  There should be a lot more days at the park to come.  Welcome summer!!!


  1. Looks like a fun time. And we too give a dollar even though our oldest is done believing....I think it's called "hush money".

  2. well I am too embarrassed to admit how many times the tooth fairy has forgotten to come. I think thats why the older ones dont believe and once they tell me they don't believe I stop but the 6 year old is too cute. Even when the tooth fairy forgets he still believes and keeps looking everywhere for the money so I slip him some money when his back is turned...like oh are you sure you checked UNDER the bed?? when he double checks its there.

    my kids pick out their clothes too and they never match...and they button up to the top too and the girls wear dresses in weird places too. My priority is that they have clothes on...don't care what they are.

    and yeah, he does look bigger than the 5 year old in that pic lol.

  3. Oh, the tooth fairy has been forgetful lately here . . . she usually remembers while the boys are waking up and then tries to sneak the tooth while the man of the house distracts them!

  4. i can't believe how big your baby is! i love chubby babies!

  5. Tooth fairy has been a major space cadet in our home also.

  6. Holy cow, I can't get over how big Xander is compared to Annamarie, given the size of the swing! Annamarie snacks all day long yet gains very slowly, I think she has a fast metabolism like I do. He's so cute!

  7. How cute! I love how we both have a John Paul and an Andrew. Now you just need a Matthew... or I need an Eamon. ;-)


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