Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I hurt my knee last week and have been forced to rest and then only use the elliptical for cardio because it didn't hurt my knee.  I finally went back out running this morning and I'm exactly on pace for where I was at before.  It's okay, I suppose, but somehow I thought a break from running would make me super fast.  What is interesting to note was that the temperature raised 4 degrees during my run, and I seemed to get a little slower as it got a little hotter:



I haven't lost any weight since the beginning of this Lose a Half Marathon challenge which started about 4 weeks ago.  In the summer I loooove eating things like this:

 (garden salad with tuna) but I also love eating all the goodies at cookouts, and of course homemade ice cream.  The optimist in me says "At least you're not gaining!"  The realist in me says "You know what you have to do!" and the husband next to me says "bow chicka wow wow" so I think I'll listen to him :)

Everyday my kids wake up and say "What fun things are we going to do today?"  So we've been doing a lot of beach trips, playgrounds, bike rides, and splash pads:

I got my semiannual pedicure this week, and took Maggie with me.  They did her little piggies for an extra $5.00 which was worth every penny of the pure giddiness it provided.  She chose hot pink for her color (duh!) and kept showing her toes to everyone.  My little girly girl!

My kids babysitter wanted to see Brave and asked if she could take my kids with her since she's 18 and didn't want to go see a kid movie with no kids.  Phil and I were like, YES PLEASE! and off they went:
They said they liked the movie, but not as much as a lot of the other Pixar movies.  One thumb up is the professional review.

Remember that lemonade stand?  The kids set it up in front of our house on the day of our town's 200th birthday parade:  

There were tons of people around, and they made about $17.  I made them pay me back for the supplies I had bought (what? I'm teaching them business skills here!) and they each got about $3 to put in their piggy banks.  They learned how to provide a quality product (ice was very important on that hot day), marketing (they walked up and down the sidewalk advertising their cold lemonade), math (counting back change), and the value of hard work.  Who says these kids need MBA's like me when we can just teach them how to run a business for free?

My parents sold their house and have officially moved out.  

They are driving up to Prince Edward Island today for a much needed vacation and then returning to their new temporary rental home until they make more permanent plans.  We are also in a state of waiting while trying to sell our house and also trying to buy (and remodel) another.  God is trying to teach me patience, and I keep telling him to hurry up!

Have an awesome summer weekend everyone!


  1. Haha, I love that your husband says "bow chicka wow wow". Priceless.

  2. Haha, I love that your husband says "bow chicka wow wow". Priceless.

  3. Hurray that your parents sold their house. That's awesome!
    Lotus saw Brave while at my parents', and she loved it. I wonder if it's a girl/boy thing? Did Maggie like it?

  4. i hate waiting! have you already found a house that you want to buy?

  5. That's funny, my husband says 'bow chicka wow wow' too. I think we should both just listen to our husbands. Heck with the scale :)

    What great little entrepeneurs you're raising! And what a wonderful manager you are.

    Hooray for your parents selling their house!! Hope yours is next. I agree, hurry up and wait is tough.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. #4: jealous!

    #5: i'm glad their babysitter was willing to take them.

  7. #1. No comment.

    #2. I like that too... but add Hidden Valley Ranch. I'm glad my hubby also thinks this preggo is beautiful. I haven't gained since being with child, but haven't lost anything either. I have a feeling that'll change, though.

    #3. You are SO motivated!

    #4. Maggie. Cutie pie. *looking at my own feet* ...can I come next time? ;)

    #5. I just love her HAIR!

    #6. I would have bought lemonade from those little puckers.

    #7. I'd say I'd race you in the house selling/renovating/moving thing... but you tend to win when we race.

    "Trusting in God means trusting in his TIMING!"


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