Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Notes From the Couch, Part Two

My Olympic Spectating continues (part one here)

1) This may just be the BEST thing I have seen so far in the Olympics.  It's the parents of gymnast, Aly Raisman (they are from MA - woot!) watching her perform her routine. 

They are so invested, so involved, and so hysterical.

I love that the parents of these Olympians are getting some attention on camera.  After all the money and time they spend helping their children get to this level, they deserve a little recognition.  And I love watching how awkward they are!!

2) Missy Franklin.  America's new swimming sensation.  She won GOLD in the 100 m backstroke, and she's only 17 (she attends a Catholic high school)! 

She is such a sweetheart in all her interviews (she got emotional seeing her parents reaction to her race) and seems like a normal teenage girl who likes to have some innocent fun.  I wish I could find something snarky to say about her, but I can't.  Moving on....

3) Synchronized Diving.

 Who came up with that idea? 

Hey, you know what would be sooooo funny?  Let's convince some guy to wear his underwear, and have him jump from a high ledge into a pool without making a splash. 

Yeah, but let's make him do twists and turns and all sorts of scary stuff on the way down. 

Haha, and how about we make two guys do it together?  You know, double the fun.

So....they not only have to do a perfect dive, but they have to do it in unison with another guy?  


Dude, I don't think anyone would go for that...

Oh, but they did. 

And it's crazy.

4) The Olympics Logo:

It took me about 3 minutes to figure out that those puzzle pieces "say" 2012.

And the font they use is very ummmm, unique:

I would call it hieroglyphics meets masking tape??


Stay tuned for more Olympic style uninsightful insights....


  1. You are too funny! I'm loving this series of yours. Keep 'em coming.

  2. I did not know that logo was 2012. I hate the font as well. I'm kind of disappointed in these Olympics which makes me sad because I LOOOOVE the Olympics!

    The diving competitions always make me nervous! I swear they are going to hit their heads on the board! But I think it is fascinating to watch them dive together because when they are good it looks like a mirror image! The underwear thing kind of boggles my mind, though. Weird.

  3. 1) I agree, those parents deserve the recognition (and camera time)! I cannot imagine going to watch my child and be in row 58 out of 64 rows. What?! I say that celebs and the like get booted to the back and parents take the front. I do so enjoy watching those parents.

    2) Missy has become my female swimmer favorite. She is just so cute and you can't help but smile when you watch her.

    3) I watched the diving last night because as much as I think it is the silliest (and dangerous) thing ever, I can't help but watch the precision and perfection. Seriously, to do that all on your own, woop-de-do. To do that synchronized with another *ahem* male, talented. But maybe in different outfits, not undies??

    4) I'm a dork. So out of it that I still hadn't taken note of the fact that the puzzle pieces was 2012. DUH. But yes, it's SO masking tape.

    I must add, I would like your thoughts from the couch on all of the athletes 'ink'. What is with all the tattoos??!! AND, are they real or temporary? Could that many athletes have the olympic rings for tattoos? Hmmm...

  4. We, too, are glued to the Olympics. But...the reason for the comment is to say how ADORABLE your family pictures are, and also, that I LOVE that you have 1Flesh on your blogroll. Wish we were neighbors - we'd have so much to chat about!

  5. loved the parents reaction also, it is funny, but i totally get it. Missy seems wonderful, i was crying after her win.

  6. Thanks for the clue to the puzzle pieces. I didn't pick up on that!


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