Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These Two

 Maggie (age 4) and Alexander (age almost one) share a bedroom, a sense of humor, and a secret language that apparently only Maggie can interpret. 

Xander says "Bababadadada" and Maggie tells us "He says thank you for dinner and he needs more water".  Or Xander screams, and Maggie says "He's mad because the boys picked a scary show (anything that's not Dora) and he wanted to watch Dora!" 

She may hug and kiss and squeeze him a little too hard on some occasions, but most of the time it's all baby coos and cuddles and sweetness.  She tells him he's the cutest, and obviously he tells her the same (at least that's what she hears from his babble).  They play together every morning in their room and make up games throughout the day: I'm a princess and you are my pony.  Now I ride in the carriage and you push me:

Alexander just loves the attention of a playmate and Maggie loves being the bossy helpful big sister.  I'm so glad that even though she didn't get a baby girl like she had hoped for, she got an awesome baby brother who seems to tolerate her personality very well!


  1. That is so great. I always say that the best part of Matt (our youngest) is watching how it brings out the love of the other kids. Good times!

  2. Awesome. Can't wait to see how Ava is with her new little brother or sister.

    Have you ever seen the movie, "Follow the Stars home"? You'd like it. It's very pro-life and there are these two little girls (one special needs) who become friends and the one who is not special needs always knows what the other one is trying to say. It's a beautiful film about how life is what you make of it.

    BTW, was calling after my appt with Louise. All is very well. xo

  3. LOVE this! It's like my Kam and Tay. No one understands Taylor like Kameryn. And no one bosses her around like Kam either, lol!

  4. I was JUST like Maggie (with the photographic proof of my little brother in dress-up) and my little brother turned out quite well ;) That picture is so darn cute!

  5. It is so sweet that they have such a great relationship! xoxox


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