Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

His precious face that normally looks like this... looks like this:
I don't even want to make it bigger because it saddens me so to see him all cut up like this. 
Let's just say he knows how to climb up stairs very well, but is working on the getting down part.  And when those three outside stairs that he fell down end in a driveway, he ended up with a face only a mother could love.

2) Cari is doing a new twist on her Snapshots Sunday. 
Find out here, and join in.  It's gonna be awesome!

3) The hilarious Miss Grace made a big announcement and looks gorgeous doing it.  See for yourself.

4) Today is my kid's last official day of summer.
School starts on Monday!  Which also means my lazy mornings of only getting myself ready for work are going to drastically change.  Now Phil and I will have to get ourselves and all 5 kids out the door at 6:50 every weekday.  Oh the insanity!

5) I am one pound away from being in my target weight range.  That would be an incentive for most people to keep it up, but for me it's more like a green light to eat whatever I want because I'm so close.  I think my brain is wired differently.

6) This picture just cracked Phil up.  It's of Eamon, age 5, reading Calvin & Hobbes. 
John-Paul has read through this comic book at least ten times, and so now Eamon wants to read it.  We know he can read the words, but can he understand the humor?  Probably not.  Or maybe so.  Who am I to judge?

7) We watched Downton Abbey, season 1, this summer on Netflix.  And I have been dying to watch season 2.  Maybe I need to go ahead and buy it?  Is the second season as good as the first?  No spoiler alerts, please!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I'm also dying to see season 2 but I'm holding out for it to come on Netflix, since I'm cheap.

    Poor baby Alexander, though I have to say that used to be my favorite book!!!!

  2. aw. thanks for the link!!

    Poor, poor, poor Xander. he and Julia can start an elite little club!

    season 2 is totally worth it -- I use my little brother's nextflix -- I think it's on there!

    and I am the SAME WAY on target weights.

    So lethal in the postpartum period -- but it's friday....indulgeeeeeeee.

  3. Colleen!! Xander's face looks so sore! and um... I miss all of you really bad. P.S. if you look at your live Traffic Feed, it says STEUBENVILLE OHIO!!! wahoo.

  4. Season 2 is on HuluPlus!

  5. The husband and I had to buy Downton Abbey on itunes as soon as we finished season 1. Better than the first in my opinion, but some people disagreed. Cannot WAIT until it starts up again. We were late to the party, but once we joined...we couldn't stop!

  6. 1. O no! Poor Xander. Head/face wounds are the worst because they bleed a ridiculous amount for the size wound.
    2. Yes, come join!
    3. I may or may not have teared up. Like most of the people who watched it.
    4. I can't even imagine. It's 9:47, and I'm still in pajamas, and that's highly unlikely to change anytime soon. 7 people out the door by 6:50, 5 days a week, will burn off your Purgatory time immediately.
    5. Ha! But congrats on being so close. You'll get there by the end of next "oh my gosh, I'm running around like an insane person getting all these people out the door by 6:50" week
    6. This comment is now longer than your post, and that's obnoxious.

  7. I could never get into Downtown Abbey, but I was watching it while running on a treadmill,so maybe that affected my thoughts of it! Congrats on being close to yoru goal weight . . . I am no where close, but I do the same thing you do . . . the minute I hit a certain weight range, I decide that it means I can eat anything I want. Hence, I am not at my goal weight!

  8. Poor baby. Those bumps and bruises are so scary. Hope he feels better soon.

    WHERE DID SUMMER GO! Happy Back to school for the kiddos.

    and Calvin and Hobbes are the best
    we have every book and they are falling apart
    from all the reading!

  9. Yes!! The second season of Downton is fantastic!

  10. I do the same thing with weight loss. Today I saw I was down 2lbs and celebrated with a bowl of ice cream. Dumb.

  11. 1. Xander... Ava and I are going to come kiss your boo boos!
    2. I'm going to try (will you remind me?)
    3. I cannot believe you directed me to look at someone two weeks ahead of me in pregnancy who looks that great... GREAT! Not fair great... but she's such a doll one can't help but be thrilled for them. And love the video. And the music.
    4. I don't miss this. I miss your kids, but don't miss this. How you EVER got them all ready that early and they were always like the 1st one there (WAY before the teacher) was amazing to this non-morning person.
    5. I think between #3 and #5... I hate you right now.
    Friggin one pound...
    6. I don't know what to say about 6.
    7. I've been told to watch it and have been holding off as it may keep me from doing even more laundry.

  12. #6: it's all about calvin and hobbes! i started reading them when i was 5 or 6 (which was when the strip appeared in the newspaper for the first time).

  13. Season 2 was AWESOME!!! You need to watch it before season 3 is on the air!
    Poor least he will heal and be as cute as a button again; nothing life altering.

  14. Nope, that's how I'm wired too ~ and forget about during pregnancy. Ohhhh dear, that's like an open invitation to just eat whatever I want in obscene amounts. It's not pretty.

    Poor Mr. Xander! Tay just took a spill on the driveway last night, and her nose is a mess. I'm thinkin' they're made for each other ;)


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