Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Funny Frankenstorm Fotos

We survived Sandy!!  The storm didn't hit our area too badly, in fact we never even lost power!  

School was cancelled yesterday and today though because there were a lot of homes that lost electricity around us.  

We spent all day yesterday waiting for the storm to hit - which meant lots of eating and tv watching.

Phil made "Hurricakes" for breakfast 
(see the eye of the storm?)

Just don't serve them in pairs...ahem.

The kids helped clean.  
Do I feel bad making them clean?  
Not when I realize who makes it a mess.

We watched update after update about Sandy.

I made Xander's baby book, and cooed over his baby pictures.  I can't believe he was this small?!?!
Halloween 2011

We did a P90x workout with the kids:

Now Xander will do this when you say "yoga":

 More tv watching and digging for gold:

I tried to make brownies without eggs (because we ran out, not because I'm vegan-schmegan):

Epic failure.

So we ate tons of dark chocolate peanut M&M's instead.

Two ecards in one post?
You're welcome!


  1. Mama Martin!!!! So glad you posted. I have been thinking of you and praying for your crew.Could have emailed, but didn't want to waste your electricity. HA!Glad to here all is well with my BBF.

    PS...those e-cards always give my a good chuckle.I needed it again today :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you are all well and safe!

    I got the shirt you sent. Thanks! It fits me well, too, so that's a plus. I wore it in the 5k I ran the weekend before last.

  3. Tee hee! Love babies doing yoga. Gets me every time!

  4. I was laughing so hard at your fertility pancakes that I wasn't able to clearly see anything until I got to the nose picking picture, and then I started laughing all over again. Next hurricane, we'll defiantly have to combine families, it would be epic. Frankenstorm meets Frankenfamilies!

  5. We are on our 24th hour of no power. We borrowed my inlaws generator though so I can get my blogging fix. (oh, and keep the kids warm).
    Glad you guys are ok. Love the hurricakes. That's awesome.

  6. LOL @ the brownies. Next time just add some pumpkin or applesauce :).

    I'm glad you pointed out the boob pancakes, because I was totally thinking it!

  7. Love this! It looks like ya'll had fun!! I think the "fertility pancakes" are my fave!

  8. Alexander is too cute doing his yoga moves. The double pancake made me laugh :). Glad you are ok.

  9. Very very cleverly (is that a word) cute pancakes! I was noticing how big your kids are getting. Wow....were does the time go?

    I also quick noted that your mileage accumulation is looking awesome. I had hoped to keep up with you but I've been very lame since June. I think you'll hit 1000! Awesome job!


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