Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

TGIF, right?

1) We had a play date with friends.  OK, Colleen, all kids have play's no big deal.  OH YES IT IS!!!  Because MY kids don't have play dates with friends.  We have enough kids that live in our house for them to have playmates and they have cousins that come over from time to time.  You'd think they would be ok with that, but no, they are always asking me to have their friends over and I finally obliged.  The boys are all friendly with a boy from J-P's class, so he came over and they played/traded Pokemon cards for about two hours before moving on to other adventures:

Maggie had her BFF over, who she also calls "sis" because they, you know, look so much alike:
Cutie patooties!  They helped me bake and played make believe for the rest of the day.

We also rented Brave for them to watch while the baby was napping:
Those are their Kidnappers (nap mats) from past years of preschool.
Kidnappers - what a great name ;)

2) Speaking of said baby.  He's cracks me up on a daily basis.  I've told you how he always holds a tag and sucks his thumb, and he'll make do with anything even remotely close to a tag.  He's used my bra he found in the laundry basket before.  Classy.
Here he is with the garlic bag tag:

And here his is getting into trouble by eating (yes, eating) coffee grounds (I knew he was being too quiet):

3) Maggie and two of her cousins had their Winter Birthday Party at the gymnastics place (I had won the party at an auction):

It was lots of fun and the kids ran, jumped, rolled around for an hour before pizza and cupcakes.

Cousins rule!

4) A little park in the city next to us decorates with lights for Christmas.  I love it because we can pop over after dinner and walk around and the kids are delighted (pun intended):
Phil looks not so delighted

The Martin Kids heritage: Irish and Italian right next to each other.
Gaelic and Garlic.

5) Giselle and Tom Brady had their second baby!  I actually am not the biggest fan of hers (she's made some rude remarks about Catholics and the Pope) but Tommy Boy is my Quarterback and I love me some babies!  They had a girl named Vivian and I approve.  All of us in Patriot Nation are just happy the labor didn't interfere with his game schedule.  You think I'm kidding?  It was all the scuttlebutt around here.  What if the baby came and he had to miss a game?  It was a heated debate.  Thank you Giselle for having her midweek.

6)  Good Report Cards = Happy Meals

 His nanny gave him a good report too :)

7) I want to end these takes with a prayer request for my kid's Principal and Dominic Pio (you must read about his story), and thanksgiving for the healthy births of Mateo and Gina.  

Have an Adventy Weekend everyone!


  1. cute birthday pics with the balloons and good lord all those cousins! kids are the only ones on one side and they only have 2 from one couple and 2 from another couple on the other side. jealous here!

    ben rothelisberg (not that I like him--I don't, but he's our star quarterback here)just had a baby too (Ben jr.). In his case it was when he was out for some injury. I personally think he faked the injury so he could be there for the birth lol.

  2. Ha! I think we will be similar when it comes to play dates. They are awesome, but totally not necessary when you's got a bundle of children.

    Mr. Brady is a Michigan Man. I can't get over his 'doin' the ex' wrong thing though, so he was on my 'jerky sports players I can't love' list that once hung in my house. I took said list down, because, truthfully the title was 'jerky' it had a not classy word that is used to describe jerky guys. And I once left it up (not on purpose) when my MIL came over. That was the end of my list. But, he was on it. Some say I should work on forgiving him for his past transgressions, I am trying...

  3. I love the tag thing! Babies are so funny! And Maggie's sis...I mean, really, how do you ever tell them apart?!?

  4. Awesome pics! A was attached to the tag on her blankie. It fell off, and I sewed it back on. Then it fell off AGAIN and we lost it! She still talks about the tag being gone. sigh...mother of the year!

  5. goodness, you have been busy! it all looks like so much fun though. my favorite was the garlic tag for your baby, he seems so chill. what a sweetie.

  6. So cute! I totally get #1!

  7. Love your "tag" baby. That is just so sweet. How cool to have a park with lights. Would love that here.
    We dont have many kids over either. Just so crazy as it is!

  8. What a fun week! Aren't you just the busy mama with the fun family. I'd want to hang out with you too. :)
    I love that park with lights. How fun is that!
    Mr. Xander, you are hilarious. I'd go for the coffeee grounds as well.
    Happy weekend Martin's! We are baking and decorating over here, which is good because we are expecting a pile of snow this weekend :(


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