Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


We were weighing the kids the other night because we needed to measure the correct dosage for Tylenol.  5 year old Maggie weighed in at 47.5 pounds, and 6 year old Eamon weighed in at 42.5 pounds....five pounds less than his younger sister!  He's our runt and Maggie is our giant supermodel, and I would just leave it at that, but at her 5 year old physical, Maggie's doctor told us that her BMI was a little high.  I would never want to tell Maggie she needs to lose weight or start any kind of body image disorder, but I admit that I do get worried she'll always be a big girl.  She seemed to have lost weight over the summer when she was playing outside and swimming more, and now she's less active, so it has crept up a little.  A major part of the problem is that we tend to give all our kids the same amount of food and I think we should be giving her less than her almost 10 year old brother.  Suggestions?  (Cari let me know that she's heavy because awesome weighs a lot and she's full of it!!)

I just love this skirt I wore to work this week:

I didn't have anyone (Phil) around to take a picture of the complete outfit but here's the top half:
Shirt and blazer are Worthington from JC Penney and the Skirt is Apt. 9 from Kohl's clearance rack a long time ago.

Even though he got a taggie blankie in his stocking:
You guys go ahead and open your presents, I'm all set.
AND an adorable taggie puppy from his Aunt and Uncle, Xander still finds taggie substitutes.  This time it's the tag from a scarf that I've never worn hanging from my disastrously messy closet (I think I found my weekend chore).
Don't mind the scandalously undone zipper.  Modesty does not suit him.

I took a quiz to see which character on Downton I would be, and I ended up as :
The Dowager Countess.
Yessss, that sounds about right :)
 Favorite quote (paraphrased) from Downton Abbey this week:
"He must be drunk on something!"
"Could it perhaps be the drink?"

Are you tired of hearing about the cat yet?
Well, we just love her.  She's like a cat who thinks she's a dog, which is pretty much the perfect cat.  She comes when we call her and just purrs on our lap.  She is ready to play from the moment we come through the door until we go to bed at night.  Poor kitty is home alone all day and must sleep for most of it.  One of her favorite spots is on our bed in the sunlight.  Does she use the heated cat bed I bought her?  Well, yes......once.  I know, I'm embarrassed for myself.

These bites of heaven are in my fridge and sometimes I sneak in and take a bite when no one is looking.  They are so good, and so bad for you, which is the proper combination for a dessert, dontchathink?  Here's the Magic Bar recipe I used, but I used 1 cup white chocolate chips, 1 cup butterscotch chips and 1 cup chocolate chips and no nuts.
What's magical is that they are not all in my belly already!

Still praying for Jen, and we had the kids use the Saint Name Generator to see who their saints are for the year.  Phil got St. Dominic and I have St. Giana.

Here's who they got:
John-Paul ~ St. Claude de la Columbiere (never heard of him)
Andrew ~ St. Nicholas (awesome)
Eamon ~ St. Catherine de Ricci (don't know her)
Maggie ~ St. Afra (saint who? - oh, google says she was a prostitute, just perfect for my daughter?!?!?)
Alexander ~ St. Patrick (the best for a mostly Irish kid)

I printed up info for them to learn more, and they were so excited to do so!  We have added these saints to the end of our family Rosary, and it makes me so happy that we are expanding our saintly knowledge in a fun way.
Learning how to kneel with the rest of us heathens.
Have a fun Football watching weekend everyone!!  Go Patriots :)


  1. I always want to say a million things to your quick takes, get overwhelmed, and then say one thing lol. But here goes:

    That skirt is STUNNING!

    I'm glad you commented on the sleeper zipper because I was cracking up about it.

    Maybe give Maggie less but just say it's because she's younger and has a smaller stomach? I always hated that "boys get more food because he's a boy" thing, even though I know it's true. I resent Steven a little every time I give him a bigger portion lol. Not that my food issues should reflect in your parenting your daughter :P.

    Evie has already grown so much! She is such a pretty kitty.

  2. the skirt is beautiful.

    i think Sofia weighed 48 last time idk. she will eat non stop. Someone also told me she was a bit high on bmi but I take it with a grain of salt. She does not look fat nor does maggie and btw from pics its hard to tell. Maggie looks so small to me. anyway, I wouldn't give her less just encourage her to run around more--which you already do.

  3. oh my gosh, I am Sarah O'Brien, I hate her, and I am her :( and...
    I love having your kids each pick a saint. Great idea.

  4. OK, first of all, she's 5. I say do not limit her intake, if she's hungry, she's growing. Kids go through different stages. I've seen it in my 6 year old. She's always been on the "solid" side, she's rock solid, heavy. But she's not fat. At all. Next to her next oldest sister, who is tall and lean, and her little sister who is extra tiny, petite, she looks even bigger, but hey, her dad is 6 ft 6. We have lots of kids and each kid is different. Our oldest girl is not fat, but has always been more muscular...

    I think all you need to do is keep giving her healthy choices, I'm sure you don't let them snack all the time and I'm sure you give healthy let her eat.

    Besides, it's winter, sometimes that extra poundage is for keeping warm :)

    *I'm pretty sure I'd be the same person from Downton as you, I'll have to try it!

    Love the skirt, love tag boy!!

    1. I got:

      Isobel Crawley

      Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty, because Isobel's charitable jobs are right for you. Your hands-on work for those who need it the most can get you into trouble, especially when you cross the line from leader to bossypants. But while your values or methods may not make you popular, your heart is in the right place. And you back it up with considerable force of will.

  5. Love the skirt!

    I agree with Jamie Jo, Maggie is 5 . . . do not worry about her. If she ets, good, healthy foods and is active, I would just let her be. Of course this is coming from a mom who has children that are so thin I worry people do not think I feed them.

  6. Do not watch teh show, but I got Isobel Crawley . . . is that good or bad?????

  7. I'll be right over for the Magic bars to eat with the heathens, the taggie boy and the supermodel girl. All while the cute cat sits on my lap.

    ps...I wouldn't worry about Miss Maggie-Pie. My big kids have fought back and forth in their rankings as far as height and weight most of their lives. At 2 1/2 yrs apart they have now mostly recently been asked if they are twis. Which mortifies the 10 year old. Essentially, now everyone thinks we have two sets of twins. Real ones and Irish ones. Haha.

  8. Those Magic Bars look delicious! Thanks for the link. And have a great football watching weekend! : )

  9. HAHA! I'm Branson. "unless your day job is in the political realm, you might find that your absolutist thinking about class and justice may interfere with your professional life. Try to temper your ideology and increase your understanding." Um, yes.

    Agreed with the others. Maggie looks healthy to me and is probably just getting ready for a growth spurt. To be honest, I wouldn't even let her get a whiff that you may be concerned just to avoid her feeling self conscious and causing future problems...but you probably already know that :)

  10. It is a "image crazy" world we live in. My MIL was teased so bad for being too skinny. My husband got the genes from her and is skinny and can eat ANYTHING. totally jealous. My kids all are too skinny IMHO. It is really hard on the boys to be so skinny vs. their beefed up peers.

    I agree with Jamie. Every single person is so different and body types grow at different rates...let her eat healthy foods if she is hungry. Including those delicious bars!

    I cannot get enough of tag boy or kitty.

    You better get a special book just for him with all his tag pictures in it.

  11. Maggie is SOoooo not fat! I'm in defense of her awesomeness. Don't you starve that kid one bit! Except the Magic Bars... those are for me. I can't believe they have not made their way down to my house. Goodness sakes, we LIVE close enough!

    Xander. Boy I love that kid. I think Shaun was like that. Thumb sucker and always "playing the guitar" he'd bunch up and stroke the "strings" of fabric on everthing. Still does it.

    That kitty. She must get a lot of loving. We have to visit her. Ava's got a cold now, so we'll wait.

    Dressy outfit (check). Living up to that resolution you made, I see!

    And as for Downton... I have not seen one single episode. And the funny thing is? I'm like Miss Pride and Predjudice, Jane Eyre, Jane Austen type of show, movie, etc. Havent' watched one bit of it. It'll happen at some point.

  12. The pediatrician told me that both of our girls (7 and 2) were leaning toward a high BMI at their last appointment. (Again, since the summer when we were swimming 5 days a week.) That has also had me paranoid about their future weight! But they really don't eat a lot of junk and both look lean to us (and everyone else I've mentioned this to), so I'm not worrying too much about it.

    Happy Friday!

  13. That skirt is so, so cute! I love all the detail.

    Too funny about Xander and the tags!

    Those Magic Bars - Um Yum! Definitely a good combination for a dessert in my book!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, Colleen! :)

  14. My husband and I took a Downton quiz like that a while back - I was Bates, and he was Anna. LOL

  15. Must kiss paws!

  16. LOVE your skirt.
    Also, Maggie is full of awesomness, and I would not worry for one itty bitty second about her size. You know how they spurt and slow with growth.
    Magic bars are sinful. And I like them.
    The Dowager Countess is my favorite character!


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