Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

This is how we spend our weekends in the winter:
Andrew and Eamon are on the same team.  They play for our town.
Andrew's the tallest (white shirt) and Eamon's the shortest (green shirt).

My little guy *almost* got this one in!

John Paul plays for our parish through CYO.  He's number 10.

In the huddle - still the smallest.  What a difference in size between 4th and 6th graders.
I expect our grocery bill to grow exponentially.

My newest glasses from Firmoo.  They are much smaller than the others, and I like them much better.  I guess size does matter :)

You will all be cheering for the Patriots on Sunday at 6:30, right?  Right? 

Thank you all for your kind comments and emails about my post yesterday.  It's great to know I am in such good company.  I have so many emails that I still need to respond to, so thanks for your patience!!

One of the moms that inspires me had a lovely announcement this week.  Squeal!  It's so easy to get excited when somebody else is making the announcement :)

I rear-ended someone this morning when I was trying to stop on an icy patch of road.  The guy was nice and said he slipped on the same spot, and there was no damage, but my kids found it a very exciting way to start their morning!

Look at this news article about (another) Eamon Martin!

Have a wonderful football-watching long weekend everybody!!


  1. Love the glasses, Colleen! Hope you all have a great weekend, friend. We will be cheering for your Patriots on Sunday...mostly because we are Steeler fans and simply cannot cheer for the Ravens, but also because I like you! Ha Ha : )

  2. Well, Francie is a Patriots fan, so at least one member of this household will be rooting along with you. ;-)

    And those new glasses are so cute! I must have missed the post with the first set of glasses because I can't remember what they looked like, but these are nice. :)

  3. I like those glasses...but I think anything looks cute on you.
    funny ecard! Our driveway is solid ice. super scary.

    That family is so blessed with a cute new baby. My babies never had cute rolls like that!

  4. Love the glasses. I have to check out the site. I need glasses...

  5. I like your glasses!

    And, sorry, but living in MD, we are rooting for the Ravens this weekend!

  6. I do love your glasses as well! Seriously, ever since you posted about Firamoo, I've been interested in getting some. You've had a good experience so far? I should pick your brain ;)

    Sorry about the rear-ending thing too. Ugh. I hate when things like that happen. Praise God he was so understanding!

    Have a great weekend, mama!

  7. Cute frames! I need to get some new back-up glasses...mine are almost 5 years old. Not so stylin'!

  8. Rockin' glasses! But, as I always say, you can pretty much rock anything because you have those cute features. Sure, I might be a little biased and all because I only wish I could be like you. Tehe...
    How cute are the kids at bball? I bet those Martin boys are captains of the court. Or some sports reference like that. I stink at sports.
    Good to know that I wasn't the only one private emailing you yesterday. Bwahahaha.
    Glad your fender bender was ok, but I can about guess how the kids thought that was a hoot. We had major icy driveway last weekend and couldn't even get our van up into the garage. Slick city. Then we got snow on top of it, but while that normally would've made it worse, it actually was better and now we can drive on it. Crazy stuff.

    Happy Weekend!!

  9. oh, i love your glasses! i desperately need a new pair - you've inspired me to get on that...

    good luck to your patriots... though we're pretty avid giants' fans here so i'm not sure i can bring myself to root for them! ;)

    enjoy your weekend!

  10. So glad there was no damage to the cars and everyone is ok!!!!

  11. Love those glasses!! Lookin' good!

  12. Ooh, yes, the glasses!! Definitely like! I wish there was a way for me to get another pair because I just can't do the largeness of these ones I got.

  13. Love the glasses & the photo of the insurance thingy....sorry about the accident. :(


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