Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Catholic Schools Week had the kids dressing up in crazy attires. 

 First up was Pajama Day!
Can we get this over with?, Hugh Heffner in the making (God forbid!), You gotta problem?, and Sweetness personified
Maggie insisted on wearing footie pajamas because apparently it was all the rage amongst her preschool girlfriends.
I think Andrew might be flashing a gang sign, and so I apologize to any Jets or Sharks that are offended.

2) Mismatch Day
Otherwise known as "Let the Dads Pick Out Their Outfits Day!"
Eamon was all upset when he realized (as he was walking into school) that everyone else had on mismatched shoes.  I think he did a fine job even with the matchy matchy sneakers.
 3) Career Day!
Otherwise known as "Find something in this house that you can pretend is the career you want to have!"
Fireman Eamon
(He actually thinks he wants to be a priest!)

Patriots Quarterback Andrew
(He really does hope this is his future career, but his mean parents won't let him play football) 

Future CEO Alexander
(As long as his company has something to do with food, he'll be happy)

Professional Soccer Player J-P
(Really wants to be a chemist but we don't have a lab coat)
Ballerina Maggie
(Though she refuses to take a dance class offered at her school once a week.  She just wanted to wear her cousin's tutu)

4) Are you sick of seeing pictures of my kids yet?  I'll spare you with this quick take.

5) Guess who filed her taxes already?  Yup!  The former tax accountant in me loves doing our taxes and especially getting the refund.

This year's refund will go toward paying down student loan debt.  
Do we know how to party or what??

6) It's almost the Superbowl!  
What's your favorite part? 
A) the game
B) the commercials
C) the half-time show
D) the excuse for eating tons of junk food
E) All of the above
F) none of the above 
G) Why is she making us take a quiz on a Friday morning?

7) Xander photobombs all our pictures now. He yells "cheeeeese" and jumps right in the way.  But somehow I just can't resist that fake little smile!
On second thought, maybe his future career should be exhibitionist?
Modesty just does not suit him as well as his birthday suit suits him.  

Have a fun Superbowl Watching Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. Your kids are soooo cute! I love all the fun outfits, but I especially love Xander's photobomb hehe! :) Have a great weekend, Colleen!

  2. I never tire of seeing pics of your kids, especially with your funny commentary that goes along with it. As for the quiz, I really don't like football so my answer is definitely the food! Have a great weekend.

  3. Your Catholic schools week was a lot more fun than ours. We had no fun dress up days... Also, I'm going to sound like the fat kid and pick D. I love an excuse to eat wings!

  4. We love seeing pictures of your kids!

    Reason for superbowl watching? Me? The commercials!
    Quiet everyone!! The commercials are on! (just kidding, I watch the commercials the next day, without the kids)

  5. The dear husband doesn't let me set up our taxes so that we even kind of get a refund. We are always at zero, or have to pay a bit (that is anticipated) and I think that is crap. I know that technically you are just getting your own money back, but it always feels like free money! :)

    Best part of the super bowl? The patriots not being in it :) OUCH, that was not nice. I am kidding. I like when they are in it because I find their dynasty fascinating, though I do not particularly enjoy their quarterback.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love seeing Maggie mixed in with all the boys! It's so adorable to see all the boys hugging the girl in the tootsie pj's!

  7. I love the pics of all the kids (and your and Phil's model poses from a couple weeks before). Keep em coming!

  8. Happy Friday! Clare LOVES pajama day for Catholic Schools Week! Looks like your kids had a fun dress-down week, too. Sounds like you guys like to "party" with your refund as well as we do! ha ha Way to go on filing already!

  9. Love the fun days for Catholic Schools Week! Your kids look awesome! We used to do Career Day. Rhett dressed up as a priest...He even asked our Parish Priest if he could borrow his collar! He did and looked just like a priest. I took a picture to keep and display on his ordination someday. A mother can dream, right?!
    That same year, Peyton wanted to dress up as me...a mom. I asked her what she would wear...and got, "oh just what you wear everyday...jeans, a white turtle neck and that vest." So she did, and yes, she looked like me!
    This year they decided to have a hoedown and have the kids wear western wear. I was really excited beacuse I have all kinds of western wear that fits my kids right here in my home in the northeast...Sure...

    Superbowl? Can't wait...for the food of course! Enjoy!

  10. What a week! Looks like a blast. As always, love your kids photos.
    Your taxes are done?! I'll send ours over. Actually, still waiting on hubby's work...Grrr...darn government employees. lol.
    The Super Bowl...don't watch it at all, but if I did I would clearly only go to an actual Bowl party for the food. Could care less about the rest.
    This weekend we'll celebrate Miss M and her turning ONE tomorrow. Party is next weekend, but I think we'll still need to have cake this weekend too. It's not lent yet afterall.

  11. Haha, missmatch day was my favprite. Cute!
    And "E".

  12. First the pop quiz . . . the food, definetly the food.Of course, then I will have to go on a uilt run just to feel better.

    Love the kids outfits! I had to laugh at mismatch day . . . that is what my kids would look like if I let my hubby dress them too!

  13. Oh my gosh - Xander couldn't be CUTER!!! And the fishbowl focus on him is glorious. I'm tired just looking at the craziness of your week. My homeschool will have pajama day every day!!!!

  14. Colleen....your kids are getting so big! I think of your baby as a baby when I see the blog header, he so doesn't look baby baby.

    Fun week! We had a fun week for CSW too! :)

    If it makes you feel any better our taxes are going to fix up a house that we want a for sale sign on. :(

  15. #1: Too cute!

    #3: An unbuttoned men's white shirt can serve as a lab coat. Button it and add a tie as a stole and you have an alb for a priest. (My husband is a 4th generation Lutheran pastor and we have pictures of him baptizing his stuffed animals this way.)

    #6: It's all about the commercials though my Niners are playing this year so I'll be watching the annoying interludes of football as well.


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