Monday, February 18, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

I found this lovely linkup from Jeannine, and thought it would be perfect for today since my thoughts are all over the place, much like my kids (on their school break).

::Moments of Gratitude 
~I'm so thankful for a bunch of days off of work and school this week.  Here in New England, we have February and April vacations while the rest of you get Spring Break in March/April.  I think it's to help the ski slopes prosper :)

~How much I love my husband.  Seriously. 

~For all the wives who wish so badly to be mothers.  I wish I could bottle up and ship some of my fertility to them.

~Gluten free, sugar free, grain free, legume free, vegetable oil free meals.  It's challenging.

~Black leggings with a tank style maroon dress and a black cardigan.  


~to Coco Key for an overnight with the kids this week!

~My Other Self.  My mom suggested this book for my Lenten reading.

~I am such a bad Catholic, because I am still memorizing the Latin chant we sing at the beginning of Adoration.

::Listening to  
~My baby screaming to get down from his high chair.  Get on that, hubby ;)

::Wandering Around the Web  
~I have so many blogs I love that I can't keep up!  Today I'll recommend a friend of a friend's blog (that makes us friends, right?) , Team Boda.  Kristen and Matt have 4 beautiful children and the love they share is practically tangible.

::Liturgical Living  
~Besides my 20 minutes of reading/meditation I'm doing for Lent, we are going to daily Mass whenever possible.  This week, we can go every day!

::Around the House  
~I just finished my work from home for my kid's school, and now I need to eat.

::Looking Ahead  
~Planning something fun everyday for the kid's vacation.  Because they ask what fun things we are going to do.

::A Glimpse 
~from Chinese New Year

Head to Suscipio to see better CWA ladies!


  1. Oh my goodness, and I'm struggling with just the gluten free!! You are awesome. Hope you guys have a wonderful break!

  2. You and your blog just make me smile every time I visit! One of these days we WILL meet up! Enjoy your break!!

  3. Hi Colleen. I'm so happy you linked up with us at Suscipio. It gave me a chance to pop in for a visit. Your blog is lovely. The header photo is an instant smile maker!

    Wow, your cooking does seem very, very challenging.

  4. My Other Self is my Lenten reading, too. I love that book so, so much.

  5. No grains at all?? That would be very challenging!! We are eating too much rice and quinoa around here to give up all grains.

    You should try spaghetti squash . . . my family loves it.

  6. You're not a bad Catholic....I left that blank because I have a hard time memorizing anything at all!

  7. I very luck to know Kristin. They are a beautiful family!

    I always wondered why New England had Feb/April vacations while everyone else had just vacation in March..although I must say that growing up in RI..I LOVED having those 2 vacations. I always thought it had something to do with planting crops and you plant later in the North than you do in the south..but your idea about the ski slopes makes so much more sense!

  8. Thank you so much for the mention, Colleen! I love Suscipio -- very thoughtful place.

    We are in the northeast, too, but we lost all of our Feb. vacation except for President's day because we were in the area that was walloped by hurricane Sandy and we missed a mess of school then. Enjoy having your little ones home this week!

    Oh, my, you have so many cooking restrictions. But you have a really good attitude, don't you?

    It was awesome to visit! Thank you again for linking to me!

  9. you have kept your bookkeeping up with the kids school? that is nice that you can do that and hopefully wave some of the school fees.

  10. What a beautiful header photo! My kids are older than yours, and really, they are not that willing to pose for me anymore! So many things going on in your kitchen! Looking forward to your kitchen posts, dear. Aw, don't beat up yourself over the memorizing. God looks at our honest efforts. I'm glad I stopped by!


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