Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes TGI Friday

I have to start with John-Paul's birthday pictures:
Eamon, age 6, made this sign so that he could work on his birthday cards in private.
  My favorite part is "in till I say"
J-P let me pick dinner, and so we had chicken cordon bleu.
Here it is cooking in lots of butter and wine...mmmmm!
My mom gave me a Willowtree Irish Dancer and Phil gave me daffodils from Ireland.
My favorite flowers and my favorite nationality!
John-Paul's requested cake, Lethal Peppermint Chocolate Cake.  We're getting too old for all these candles!
Birthday Buddies!

Eamon and Grandpa share a moment...
...and a sense of humor!

The cake was Maggie-approved.

Teething buddy

Godmother Auntie Maura came over with a gift that lit up his world!

Three generations of men couldn't stop playing with the helicopter!
OK, this is still about John-Paul's 10th birthday.  We had told him (and the rest of the kids) months ago that they could have a "friend" party for this double digit bday OR they could get a Kindle Fire.  John-Paul decided on a friend party.  I even wrote about it in last week's quick takes.  So right before I was going to make out the invitations, I asked him if he was sure he wanted the party and not the Kindle.  He said he wanted the party because one of his friends might give him a Kindle as a gift and then he would have both.  Ummmm, no.  Nobody will give you a Kindle as a birthday gift besides your parents.  So he thought about it again, and decided he wanted the Kindle Fire.  Done.
Happy with his flip flopping decision.

Don't forget to enter the Ddrops Giveaway here.  It ends tomorrow!

I can't believe Pope Benedict is done!  Did you see Jenny's AMAZING pictures from his last Papal Audience?

Xander cracks us up and makes us crazy.  Typical toddler, amiright?

This morning, he was sitting in his high chair saying "Dat! Dat! (Cat)" and then making smooch noises and clicking his tongue to get her to come to him.  Smart kitty knew not to go nowhere near that cat-terrorizing machine.

Here he is sitting in Gammy's lap, and after kissing her, he wanted to kiss Grandpa too, so he leaned over and then waited for Grandpa to lean the rest of the was to plant one on him.  My parents were laughing so hard because Grandpa was having a little trouble reaching Xander, but Xander just stayed there waiting for his kiss like a pretty pretty princess.

Some of my favorite commenters - I'm looking at you, Sarah :) - don't have their email attached to their blog so that when you leave a comment and I want to reply to it, I can't email reply back unless I know your email.  So please follow these steps (thanks Grace) to set up your email to "attach" to your comments.  Thank you!

It's MARCH!  Already!  All of you February whiners can settle down.  Settle down, I said!
I did very well with my February resolution, which was getting to daily Mass 3 times a week.  This March resolution looks a little harder:

No snacking after dinner.  Who made up these resolutions anyway??  Old me was so committed.  New me, well...not so much.

Have a great non-February weekend everybody!


  1. Your birthday celebration looks like so much fun! I say it all the time, but I'll say it again - your family is too cute!! :)

  2. That chicken is making me drool...
    Beautiful pictures! Daffodils are so happy! And I totally forgot to enter the contest so thanks for the reminder :)

  3. I wish comments back to someone's email (through email) also went on the comments section of the blog post. When I comment back on my blog post, I figure no one sees it. But if I respond by email, then no one else gets the info (if it's an answer to a question, etc). First world blog problems!

    I love, love, LOVE #5! What a great shot! Happy late birthday!

  4. What a birthday full of yumminess!!
    I love your flip-flopper! The friends will get over not being invited to come eat cake. The Kindle Fire, I'd take that too John-Paul. Wisely chose :)

    I see how you are, calling me out here in public. Ver well. Ok, ok, I'll see what I can do. Wonder if my email addy will appear when you go to comment back? I check my blog email NEVER, but if I put my personal addy then my last name is pretty obvious :) I'll get on that!!

  5. Love all of this Colleen! Your birthdays look fun and yummy. And your son made a wise choice ( for mom and dad too...those friend parties always did me in! )

    Thank you for the link to see that wonderful picture! I am still in awe...

    Oh late night fave! My tea just isn't the same without a cookie...or two...or hey look, the box is almost empty, may as well finish 'em off...

  6. Looks like the perfect kind of birthday celebration - family, good food, and thoughtful gifts! And I would totally go for the Kindle Fire over the party, too - it's an introvert thing, I guess. :)

    Happy weekend!

  7. I love the sign, it is my favorite. And, I love that you take pictures of things like that. One day, it will be something magical to laugh about!
    And kindle fire, yes please! I adore that he thought one of his friends might get him one! That would be quite the baller friend.

  8. My husband just may or may not have bought one of those helicopters for us to try out before we had kids who could play with it ...maybe.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Nothing wrong with being 43! (haha)

    I don't reply usually by email because there are so many that don't have it hooked up to do so...Thanks for pushing people in the right direction!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. In you're free time if you could cross stitch me that No Late Knight Snacking I would really appreciate it.


  11. Wait....what's May's resolution? Is it "go on fantastic weekend getaway with Donaldsons"? It better be.

  12. Love the flowers!! And, you are making me feel old! You are a spring chicken!!

    I rarely respond to people via email for the same reason. I like to respond to people's comments directly on posts . . . I just wish there was a way that blogger notified them of that fact.

  13. Love the flowers, great pictures!! :)

  14. That cake looks amazing! Happy Birthday to you and your son.

  15. The party looks like a have a funny family.
    I'm laughing at JP's flip flopping and his logic. Glad he came to his senses!


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