Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's almost Spring!  What?  It is spring?
Oh, well the weather just got the memo.
 On a walk, bundled up, but it's sunny!  Andrew came with me and we walked for over 4 miles.  At the end he proclaimed that he is definitely ready for the 5k Father's Day Race this year.  

Did you all remember that Call the Midwife started up again?  I forgot, but my TiVo (Thanks Tim TiVo!) remembered!  I just can't get enough of Chummy ~ the tall one:

What's your go-to meal after you've fed the kids something healthy and driven them all over to doctor appointments and swim lessons and really just want something easy to eat after they are all in bed?  
For us, it's nachos.  I could eat nachos 3 times a week, and we always seem to magically have the ingredients on hand.  Terrible.
Actual nachos were harmed in the process.

I completely forgot about my April's resolution!  It's to exercise 6 hours a week:  

Who's with me?  

Tap, this thing on?


On Wednesday the kid's school called (never a good thing for you homeschooling mamas who have never received a school call).  J-P was complaining of an ear ache, and so I called the doctor and they said bring him right over, and I did:
As soon as the doctor walked in, he started looking extra sick.  Play-a.
 Turns out he has an almost-ear infection, which means he had an almost-good enough excuse to get out of school early.  Play on play-a.
You homeschooling mamas would be proud...while we were waiting, I quizzed him on his state capitols because he has a test on them later this month.  Good thing this map was hanging in the office, because I only know about ten of them.  See why I send them to school?
We are going to our high school's auction tonight!  I am so excited because I get to dress up and sit at a table with adults and eat a delicious meal that I didn't have to cook or clean up and maybe just maybe win some prizes.  Even introverts like to go out once in awhile!  My sweet parents are babysitting the crew and even sleeping over so we can party late into the night.  Or 10:00 pm.  Whichever comes first.

Don't forget to enter the Albion Fit giveaway that ends tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Morning, Colleen! Have fun tonight and win big! Oh and the call from the school...Biggest. Fear. Ever. Who is it? How bad? Do you think they will notice that I have no make up on and Flynn is still in her jammies? Is Steve busy at work? Wait...Flynn is crying! Can I even answer the phone? You get the idea... Have a happy Friday!

  2. I did NOT know that Call the Midwife was back on!! Thanks for the heads up!
    I totally went on a nacho bender this Lent with the no gluten thing! It was the only quick meal-y thing I could think of sometimes! With homemade guac...mmmm... Brian doesn't do cheese so he totally misses out.
    And as far as #5, John Paul knows way more than I do about an embarrassing amount of things. Hope he's feeling 'better' soon!

  3. We do nachos, too! We use a baking stone so they stay hot longer than on a cookie sheet.

  4. I want to live in your house and eat your busy night nachos!

  5. I think (HOPE) our weather is just about to start getting that memo! Have fun at the auction tonight! :)

  6. You just made my day... I didn't know Call the Midwife was back on! YAY!

  7. Congrats to Andrew on doing well on his training ~ and I hope JP feels better soon, ear pain is the worse.

  8. Thank you for the heads up on Call the Midwife cause I didn't know.

  9. Have fun tonight!! I want to eat those nachos for breakfast, yummy!

  10. Our go-to meal after kiddos are in bed is POPCORN!! Tom makes it every night (no butter)real stuff, not microwave -I have it maybe once per week!

    Way to go Andrew!! 4 miles is super! My kids would be complaining, which is why I don't bring them on my exercise walks.

    My oldest had an ear infection this week too.

  11. My kids totally play it up too when they are "almost" sick!

    And, that is what maps are for . . . I do not know most of the state capitals anymore (that is why I get to look at the book and my son does not during the quizzes ;P)

  12. You know where I live and you know that I NEED those nachos, because I do not get to go to a fun auction so just bring them on your way over, OK??????? I'll just wait on the porch till then.

  13. Hate the call from the school . . . in the middle of our winter pass-the-virus marathon, I got a call from school every day one week about a different child. The next week, the secretary called to ask me something about paperwork and she started with, "Don't worry, the children are fine!"

    Have fun tonight - and be wild, stay out til 10:30!! ;-)

  14. School auctions are always a fun night out - enjoy!

  15. Ooo.I'm excited to start watching Call The Midwife. After finishing Downton Abbey, I need my British fix.

    And, I'm a homeschooling mom, and I only know about 10 state capitals myself. Good thing my kids know more than I do. 11-yo can name them ALL!

  16. A grown up dinner with just grown ups! Yay!

  17. NACHOS! If we weren't at my parents house, I would totally make some right now! We always have nacho toppings on hand too. We've also started making loaded french fries a lot more. Same idea as the nachos, but a different base for when we've done nachos a few *cough* four *cough* nights in a row.

  18. It's 10:30 AM and I'm craving nachos. Thanks. :)
    I hope the Play-a feels better!


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