Monday, April 8, 2013

Toddler Fever

Why is it that every time my baby turns into a toddler, I want another baby?

I don't even like babies that much.  Sure, they are all cute and snuggly and angelic when they sleep, but they also cry a lot and nurse a lot and don't sleep a lot at night a lot.

I much prefer toddlers who don't need my body to nourish them and can even sort of feed themselves.  They are funny and engaging and take naps and sleep through the night.  They can walk around and dance to music and give hugs and kisses.
His milkshake brings all the girls to the yard...

Toddlers are excited about everything and mispronounce words and giggle all day long.  They hold your hand and play with their siblings and do lots of party tricks.  I'll gladly take tantrums over a sleepless night of nursing and diaper changes.  Bring on the terrible twos!

So I think my problem lays in the fact that once I am in the enjoyable toddler stage, I panic that it will be over soon and hope this isn't the last time I am going to be able to enjoy it.  But then I come to my senses and think of how hard the baby stage is, and can talk myself into trying to wait a little longer.

Just the fact that I am even considering Baby Number 6 shows how God is changing my heart.  Again.  Poor God, He always has a lot of work to do with me after each baby to get me wanting another baby.  I'm sort of a brat that way.  I blame it on the hormones.

You got a little something riiiiiight there....

At some point I will even have trouble convincing myself to wait any longer, and if God and Phil are willing, that's when you all get a little announcement.

Not yet...just sayin'.



  1. Oh Colleen...I feel your pain! I too love the toddler stage! Just yesterday, I thought my heart would melt with the glow of sweetness coming off my Flynn, and it ached at the same time realizing how quickly it passes. How I wish we could freeze time...

    I adore the baby stage too...the snuggles, the Baby Magic smell, the cooing, the miracle that my husband and I were blessed with. I would love to be blessed again...but time is not on my side I am afraid...that and 4 C sections behind me. But I pray and wish and hope...

    I must add...each stage has its own wonderful points. My older daughters and I have soo much fun now and a 10 year old boy is a riot!

    Thanks for the cute pics, my friend...and for reminding me to cherish the moment! : )

  2. HAH!! So awesome :) And he is freaking adorable. No wonder you have the fevah! I had the fever really quickly after Leo and Elena. This time around, I am definitely on ice. No fever whatsoever. But like we all say, that is the beauty of NFP!!! :)

  3. My youngest are not even 5 months old and I'm already thinking about our next baby (or babies, I hope it's just one this time!!!)... I blame the internet - all these birth stories and pictures of absolutely adorable newborns just make your ovaries ache!

    But when I found out we were having twins I told my husband, "We are DONE! 4 is enough!!!" and he reminded me that 1. It's not our call and 2. That's not a decision that can be made while pregnant or immediately post-partum... And within a week I was ready to admit that we wouldn't be done with 4. And we can't stop at 5, that wouldn't be fair to the youngest to have the oldest 4 so close in age. And let's be honest, we'll probably have twins again, so more than 6 wouldn't be surprising!

    God is patient - He knows that we may need a little time to think that we're "done" before we realize that we're not :)

  4. PS I realized a few weeks ago that we're on pace to have 12 children by then time I'm 34. Much as I love my kids, I need God to help me out with this spacing!!!

  5. Oh my gosh. Don't tell Ken, but I've already had that panicky feeling during the kid headcounts- six? six? Where's number seven?
    Only, yeah. There ISN'T a number seven.
    It's always when I start freaking out that my kidcount doesn't match what I think it should that I'm in trouble....

  6. I'm the opposite..totally a baby person and no so much a fan of toddlers. I'd happily skip from age 1-3. While toddlers have their charm..they also destroy things and break stuff and have their own opinion and throw fits. They can be cute though..

  7. Oh, Xander you little honey'd make any mama want another!!

    God puts that "want" there, it's a gift.

    (I know, easy to say) 6 is hard, but is is an even number.

  8. My littlest is about to hit the toddler cuteness... Once she starts walking I think it will really hit me... Then if I can just freeze the walker/kinda talker - without the opinions/attitude 2 yr oldness - that would be fabulous!

  9. Oh my gosh....look at him! he is a doll. No wonder you want to do that again.
    Yeah, I have the same feeling as you....only mine comes every 18 years or so. :)

  10. He is so cute!! There is nothing more adorable than a baby in a onesie t-shirt. I didn't realize his hair was so dark. Or maybe he's just getting more of it? I will wait patiently to hear any news you may want to share :)

  11. are truly blessed!..I'm still hoping for one.

  12. Mmmhmm . . . I'll be waaiiting . . .

    but seriously, yes we are twinsies about all of the above. God has to do a lot of thawing of my heart, but He gets a jumpstart because I am just not that good at NFP. ;-)

  13. I completely understand this. From one to three is my favorite stage. They are just so so innocent and sweet, even in their mischievousness. :)good luck in your decisions and such, you are a great mommy. :)

  14. c'mon Colleen... if you take the plunge, I got your back. xo

  15. Not yet....???

    Toddlers AND babies are so much fun. I've been holding little babies lately, they are so so sweet. Plus it seems as if all of blogland has just had babies so we're going to need a new baby Mama to rally around.

    Been missing coming around (so busy here).

  16. Well sure, if ya have a cutie like Xander, who wouldn't want another?? I am very similar (only in the baby/toddler) thing. Although I do love that first year and all they start to do, it is very stressful for me which makes me dislike it. A lot. Now I essentially have two toddlers so for some reason I don't feel that baby bug. I keep looking 6-12 months out and we'll see from there. We'll see. And then God will have His input.

    I'll be hanging out at the edge of my seat for an announcement from you.... :)

  17. he's really cute :)

  18. lol! i love the babies. Hope at 6 months has me thinking/panicking "oh no I need a baby now, because she is getting so big!"

  19. Haha! I'm totally there too!

  20. Was in your shoes as my youngest of six just turned two. I was having these same feelings and God was sending me the grace to accept our very new pregnancy. Gotta love how God and Supersperm work together.

  21. I have that panicky feeling every day. I cannot imagine not having a little one, feet pitter pattering away all day. Taylor has been exhausting, but she's getting better as she gets a little older. I love the toddler stage too, but Tay STILL nurses & STILL gets up numerous times in the night, so I'm STILL tired!!! :) But their sayings, their little personalities . . . so fun!

  22. 6 aint hard! sorry had to say aint..just picking on Jamie cause she knows me!!

    My grandma had other grandma had 9 and my step-mother had 16 in her family...NO MICROWAVE ladies!

    Do it earlier vs. later. Because ya never know. Plus you guys are super duper parents and your kids are so dang cute...and you just might get that baby girl...or a little bro for xander would be awesome also.

    so ...put something purty on for phil TONIGHT!!!

  23. if i wasn't "surprise" pregnant I would prob be wanting to be pregnant now also. they say if you do it on day 11 of your cycle your chances of having a girl are really good!

  24. I keep doing the same thing Cari mentioned. I count and then wonder who is missing. Part of me wonders if it's the babies I lost to miscarriage.

    I'm in a conundrum, though. I want to adopt while keeping the birth order intact. Now would be a good time to do it... But by the time we completed it I might be nearing the end of my fertile years. Argh!!


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