Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Mother's Day Faves

Five Mother's Day favorites...

First up, a recipe from my own mother:  
Mint Chocolate Brownies
 So easy to make but seem more complicated...which is exactly the kind of thing I like to serve to guests :)

Just bake these brownies as directed:

While they are baking, unwrap a whole box of these (this is a great kid cooking opportunity):

And when the brownies come out of the oven, layer the candies on top and once they start melting, just spread it around like frosting.

Let cool (sometimes I put them in the fridge to let the topping harden faster) and serve.


Climbing Roses.

We have a statue of Our Mother Mary in our backyard under an arch that would really look pretty with some climbing roses growing all around her.
The whole area around her could use some sprucing up too *ahem*.


I've talked about them before, and they are super duper popular in the Northeast and would be a great mother's Day gift.

I have one birthstone bracelet for each of my children, but I would love the clover bracelet, and I think it would be nice to remember your godmother with this bracelet.


Phil used to teach CCD for about 7 years on Sunday mornings after Mass.  Every Mother's Day I used to wish that we could go out to breakfast after Mass to celebrate, and as soon as he was finished with the CCD position, we started doing that.  
Last year's Mother's Day.  This restaurant makes the best apple walnut french toast!

I love a good brunch!  So for you Dads that read this (ha!), let Mom sleep in, give kids a banana and cereal bar to keep them full enough for Mass, and then take your wife out to breakfast after.  Don't forget to make a reservation because everyone else does the same thing!


Willow Tree Figurines

Almost three years ago, I lost a lot of my Willow tree figurines in an accident.  That sounded very dramatic (and it was).  Anyways, I love these beautifully simple and moving pieces and they make great Mother's Day gifts.

They grow up so fast.  
In fact, instead of all these gift ideas, maybe someone could just bring me a remote so I can pause time and keep my kids this way forever?  Is that too much for a mother to ask?

Now off to see Hallie for more...


  1. If you ever find one of those magic remotes, be sure to share the wealth, ok friend?

  2. That willow tree statue cracks me up. It looks like the mom is literally trying to set her son's head on straight.

    1. Cari, they have no eyes--NO EYES!! She can't see to straighten his head, she has to do it that way.

    2. She could also be getting ready to break his neck... Darn you for making me see it that way!!!

  3. willow tree angles are my absolute favorite. absolute.

  4. I have several Willow Tree figurines and love me a good brunch!!

  5. What a great idea on those brownies....going to have to try that one!

    Sorry about your Willow people, I'm sure each one means so much!

  6. Man, I tried to fool myself into thinking I'm not a total sap... But then I go and LOVE the Willow Tree figurines I received as an engagement gift, wedding gift, and baby gift. Dammit, I think I qualify as a sap now! One with a large collection of hilariously/beautifully sentimental figurines. ;)

  7. I love number 2! The roses and children are beautiful!

  8. Making those brownies...

  9. I want a remote to stall time too. They grow up way, way too fast.

  10. I am so making those brownies this week! Yum, thanks for sharing!

  11. Ohhhh those brownies sound so delicious! I might have to try it, although I don't know that my self control is such that I wouldn't eat the entire box of Andes on its own... Maybe if I buy 2?

  12. As soon as I find that remote, I will share with you! My oldest is planning a wedding right now. Ok, NOT her wedding....but for one of her friends. Yikes.
    Loving the brownie idea so much. I'm hoping that *someone* is reading this and gets you some nice climbing roses and makes those breakfast reservations fast!
    My stomach turned reading about the willow tree massacre again; so sad.

  13. ..dying to know how all the figurines got all smushed.

    Brownies sounds so yummy...mouth watering!

  14. i would love to have an archway with roses myself, very romantic.

  15. i am totally going to make those brownies for kirk this weekend, he loves brownies and mint flavored stuff, so it is going to be a home-run!

  16. Love the climbing roses. I want to plant a Mary garden in our patio area and those bad boys may make the cut.

    Also, I love Willow Tree, too. I think they're so beautiful.

  17. Ohh, I had something very similar happen to my Willow Tree family, except I was angry at Charlie, did some anger cleaning, accidentally dropped the statue, and his head plopped off... Irony anyone?

  18. I'm psyched to make your mom's brownies!! Andes mints are my husband's favorite.

    And that's a great pic of your adorable kids with your statue of Mary. Where did you get such a large one, by the way? It's AWESOME!! Our outdoor statue is only 24" tall, and we always talk about getting a bigger one.

  19. Those brownies sound so good! Simple and genius.
    I love willow tree too!!


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