Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quicker Picker Uppers (don't know why I called it that)

Joining Jen because that's whats I does.

On Saturday morning, Maggie came down to our bedroom saying there was a black thing on her ear.  I immediately knew what it was going to be, but she was on Phil's side of the bed and he looked at her ear exclaiming "What in the world...?"  It was a tick, and the size of the one on the LEFT:

(And yes, I'm kicking myself for not taking an actual photo.  Bad blogger.)


Needless to say, Maggie is very scared of ticks now and at random times during the day will tell me "I just keep thinking about that tick" as tears well up in her eyes.  I feel really bad that we didn't see it for 6 days but it was hidden up in the fold of her ear and it couldn't be seen until it got to the size of a raisin.  

Her brothers, remembering stories of when Phil had Lyme Disease and subsequently Bell's Palsy, keep telling Maggie that one side of her face is going to freeze up and so every once in a while she does these cute little nose wiggles and facial stretches while saying "I can still move my whole face!"  She will be tested for Lyme Disease in 4 weeks.

Enough about ticks.  Cari can probably feel her skin crawling.  
Let's talk about weight, which can get my skin crawling.  
So I weigh in on Friday mornings at Weight Watchers, and after three weeks of the program and hardcore exercise, I've only lost 4.5 pounds.  I think I lost that in one week on other diets.  My head knows that a slow and steady approach is better, but my mummy tummy wants fast results.  I do love the balanced eating habits WW requires and all the apps make it fun to track.  I just wish they would let us weigh in naked because clothes weigh a lot!  Can you imagine all the naked ladies walking around WW...I think more men would sign up ;)

Another picture of our niece Lenora, just so you (and by you, I mean me) can get your (my) baby fix:

Also, the lovely Caitlin has shared her good news too, and I'm so happy for them!

I nearly had a mini meltdown last night when I read Grace's post that Dora isn't on Netflix anymore.  What the what?  The only reason we got Netflix last month was so Xander could watch his favorite TV show (and so we could watch Arrested Development starting on Sunday!).  Get it together, Netflix!
Swiper must be working for Netflix now.
I loved Rosie's funny breastfeeding post this week, go read it if you haven't already!  She's a nursing rockstar.  Seriously, when we met at the Air & Space Museum, she was walking around nursing the twins like a champ.  Between her and Jamie Jo, I'm seriously delinquent in the milk making business.

I'm really hoping this rainy weather stops by Sunday afternoon so we can enjoy Storyland.  We'll enjoy it even if it's overcast and drizzly, but not if it's stormy out.  St. Swithin, pray for us!

Have an awesome long Memorial Day weekend everybody!  See ya on the flip side!


  1. I am a have noo idea! I am soo freaked out about my kids getting them, but get too grossed out to even check them. So Steve has to do it...which is great cause his eyesight is even worse than mine...

    Love the sweet baby pic....swoon...

    Have funnnnn this weekend! Take lots of pics! : )

  2. Swiper must be working for Netfix now. Actual snort at that one.

    I haven't had the heart to look at the weather yet. Good grief, we live in a rainforest.

  3. Ticks are evil. There is no other way around it. We never even saw the tick that gave Sally Lyme disease and she had no rash or anything. SHe just woke up one morning and she couldn't bend her legs. She was in terrible pain. Don't tell Maggie any of this ! Sally would have been fine if we caught it earlier.

    Poor Maggie wiggling her nose, so cute. Sally is still petrified of ticks. It is such a deep fear that even her brothers refuse to tease her about it. I think they were as freaked out as she was when she couldn't walk.

    Hope the weather clears up for your trip. I get to dig rocks out of the side garden this weekend while Rob is on call at the hospital. Be very jealous, hah! ;-)

  4. Sympathy to Maggie, sounds like she is actually processing it well despite big brothers predictions.
    Will pray you get good weather this weekend, have a good one!

  5. Do not get me started on ticks . . . YUCK!!!

    And 4.5lbs in 3 weeks for a woman you size (meaning you have no weight to lose) is healthy.

  6. oh my ticks! yes, I know many tick stories that resulted in Bell's palsey. Hopefully this one was just a regular old tick. But ewww. I should really check my kids more. Our grass is super high here and some of our neighbors have gotten ticks recently.

    storyland sounds like so much fun. We have a place like that here too.

    and that baby is the cutest! She could win a cute contest. Love her name too. I have thought of Leona before for a future name since we have 3 Leo grandparents here--2 on my side and my husband's dad is a Leo...but Lenora is sooooo much prettier and I would actually use that for a girl baby.

  7. Oh my...I've never dealt with ticks but now I feel like I need to check all the boys!!! Yikes.

  8. Oh, my gosh, I forgot about that pumping post....seems a long distance memory--or nightmare. It was a loong hard year, not sure if I'd do it again. Kind makes me afraid of having another baby. (I know, trust, trust) Any breastfeeding mama is a champ, no matter how long they do it!

    Oh, I hate ticks, we have a ton now!!! Checking constantly. Had a kid with a tick in the exact place you said a few years ago, always check there now!! I had a dog tick as I call it, white, big like the one you pictured, when I was a kid. I shutter to even think about it. Now, what is the tick's purpose? Is there an animal that eats them or something?

    I only do WW online, not actual meetings, that way I can weigh naked. After I've pooped.

    You are doing super. 4 1/2 pounds is super. Really it is. I'm like you, the healthy way is the best. It's a great example to your kiddos too!

    Have a blast this weekend. Wish we could go too!

  9. i have goosebumps for little maggie, poor little dear.

  10. I HATE TICKS..HATE THEM! They are the number one reason I am dreading going back up North.

  11. Ahh poor Maggie!

    Your niece is just precious! :) Makes me so excited!

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that the weather holds off!!

  12. Seriously!! It is FREEZING!

    In other news, always check the underwear line for ticks. They like to burrow in there. Gross, I know!

  13. The ticks this year are OUT. OF. CONTROL. I have phantom ticks crawling on me as we speak.

  14. GAH that tick!!! I found one on me a few weeks ago that I think must not have latched on because I just scratched it off, but now I'm paranoid about lyme disease!!! I should be in the clear by now, right?

    Thanks for the link! Apparently the twins have taken my sharing of their secrets as a cue to be more annoying while nursing, which is probably why I bought a second swing...

  15. I think ticks are a result of the fall. I really mean that. What other use are there to those bloodsucking creatures than to be food for birds? Gross. Poor Maggie.

    Weight watchers... so need it. Come see me. You'll feel much better about yourself.

    Lenora. Beautiful child.

    Miss you guys. Time to get together!

  16. I'm kinda freaking out about Maggie and the tick as well. Prayers that all is well.
    Lenora is an absolute doll!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of family, fun and health!


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