Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Favorites: Making a Cozy Home Edition

Linking up with Hallie today!

I love to have a candle lit in the house.  To me, that makes a house feel like a home, probably because my Mom always had a candle lit and a prayer going for someone.  When I first became a SAHM, I discovered Tart Warmers.  

You just buy the wax tarts and some cheap tealights and your house smells so wonderful.  If you get the good Yankee Candle tarts, you can reuse them over and over until their scent is gone.  Some people prefer the electric tart warmers, but I like using the tealights instead just in case I forget to unplug it.

My 6th baby is my Dyson

I don't like to do a lot of chores (me and dusting don't mix), but vacuuming is something I love to do, and this Dyson makes it so easy to get instant gratification when you can see all the dirt it just pulls up (even when you think the floor didn't look that bad).  Then you just dump it into the trash can and you're done.  They are expensive, but a great investment.
Colleen + Dyson 4 eva.

Bleach wipes.

Because a pee-free toilet seat makes Mama happy.  And when Mama's happy...well, you know the rest.

Throw pillows and blankets.

See that throw pillow on the couch?  It's from IKEA and I love them (I have two).  It seriously turned my couch from a place to sit into a place to relax.  And we keep a few blankets/comforters in our family room so that everyone can cuddle and get cozy while watching TV.

Meal Planning and Cookbooks.
Whenever we have company coming over, I look through my favorite cookbook, plan out the meals we will have, buy all the groceries, and really pour myself into creating something nice for our guests.  This is also why I get stressed out :)  But I do love taking the time to show that we thought about our guests, and are excited to have them over.  And who are even more important than guests?  Our families.  When I treat my family the same way, they feel really loved and well-taken care of and that makes a happy home!  

Your turn...what tips help make your home a cozy one?


  1. LOVE a cozy house! And I love much the same as you...candles, throw pillows and blankets, and warm inviting colors. And fresh baked cookies, or brownies, or cupcakes, ....

  2. Definitely with you on the candles! My MIL works at Yankee Candle so I kind of hit the jackpot there. Also, I'm a big fan of throw pillows as well. I have a big ole white couch (by big I mean gargantuan) and typically I have about 5 throw pillows on it. It really makes it feel so much more cozy. My big thing about making things cozy is photos. I love having the faces of people I love on pretty much every shelf I can find.

  3. i have those same pillows from IKEA and they make me happy every time i sit down on the couch!

    also, my DYSON (for cheap on craiglist!) is my favorite cleaning tool!

  4. I don't have a Dyson (yet) but otherwise agree, agree!!
    Only thing I would add is pictures, I love a home filled with family pictures especially a mix of b&w of forebears and candid colors spread around.

  5. We have those pillows too! I think they are so cute!

  6. This is the first I've heard of Tart Melters (adorable name, btw)! I definitely need one (or ten) of these in my house. Thanks for the recommendation, sweet pea!

  7. All of these are great. I especially envy the fact that you have a Dyson. We keep blankets in our living room too for cozy mornings when the kids like to watch cartoons or read books.

  8. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    I hope to be me + Dyson someday! And, let me just say, CLOROX WIPES! I'm semi-crunchy, but my Clorox wipes will have to be pried from my cold, lifeless fingers. Boys + Bathroom = Clorox wipe love.

  9. One of the saddest facts of my life is that I am just not a born homemaker, and really don't delight in it. The hubs and I both like simplicity, so it works out but it is so much nicer when I am able to do little touches, so thanks for the tips, love the candle tart idea.

    Have heard so much goodness about the cookbook, going to make meal planning a summer project of mine.

  10. I saw those pillows at Ikea when I went on an adventure all by my lonesome to Canada a few months ago and loved them!! Love me some candles, too. Especially in the fall and winter in a house without a fireplace :)

  11. Candles...I need to light more of those. I love the way candles look and smell, but hardly ever light them because I'm too worried about forgetting about them, or the cat knocking them over. Those little tart warmers look so cool, I need to try those.

  12. I looooove Clorox wipes! I keep trying to figure out a way to make some that are reusable, but I can't! They're one of my guilty pleasures, as weird as that sounds :P

  13. I looove my vacuum cleaner. We used to have a robo vacuum that would vacuum our house on its own (those round disc looking ones) and I too referred to it as another child!

  14. I have a deep love for my dyson too. They're so worth it I don't think anybody believes me when I get so enthusiastic about a vacuum. And the disinfectant wipes is something I refuse to be without...theres way too much potty training going on here!

  15. Well, my vacuum does not make me feel cozy. But I'm glad yours does.

    Love candles too...just have no place to put them where the bigger kids won't play with them!

    I love Bleach wipes too, Use them for that quick bathroom clean up when company comes!!

    We always have blankets in our living room too...I always wonder if other people do too, because I never see their blankets out? Thanks for saying you do too!

  16. I think family photos help a house feel like a home. And I'm with you on the bleach wipes!!!

  17. yes! yes! yes! to all of it, and i have those pillow on my basement couch...I lurve them so bad!

  18. I love the Dyson too but do you think it's a teeny bit on the heavy side? Or is that because I haven't worked out in nine months? Probably me. Definitely me. But I still might look into getting the lightweight model when my current Dyson dies on me.

  19. your house is always so warm and cozy! especially when i needed to spend the night so i didn't have to drive 40 min. back home on a school night!


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