Friday, June 7, 2013


What a busy week, and it's only going to get busier before it gets better.  Sigh it with me.  Ahhhhhhh.

We went to Maggie's boyfriend's birthday party last weekend and she made him this card.  In yellow highlighter (of all the colors in all the land??) it reads "Happy Birthday to Robby Love Maggie" then she drew a picture of them going to a restaurant that had "chicken bones" and he gave her a flower.

I don't want to always give WW updates, but it's a big part of my life right now, so sorry!
Weighed in this morning at WW and only lost 0.2 pounds.  Blerg.

When we eat too much during the day (side note to my co-workers: for the love of all that is good and holy...stop bringing yummy treats to work!) and only have 8 points left for dinner, this is one of our go-to meals:
Presentation is key and I think I've misplaced mine again.

Perdue Baked Chicken Breast (4 pts) on top of a salad (0 pts) with a teeny bit of honey mustard dressing (2 pts) and a cup of homemade veggie lentil soup (2 pts).

The last few days the weather has been perfect.  I would choose this weather every day - low seventies, sunny, no humidity.  I even went running before work one day (I know!) and it was glorious.

I've been taking magnesium since I was pregnant with Alexander because my midwife told me they prevent charlie horses which would keep me awake at night.  I still take them because I used to be sore of my life from all of the exercising I do.  But once on the mags (made up abbreviation) I wake up feeling so great (physically, that is.  My mental state suffers in the a.m.)  At my physical this week, my doctor asked me if it caused diarrhea, because that's a common side effect of the mags, and I feel like I need to include that here even though my very mature answer to him was "Uh, no.  Eeeeewww.  Grossss."

Speaking of made up abbreviations, Tom Haverford has some of my favorites:

On another TV note (are you loving my segues here?) have you been watching the new season of Arrested Development?  At first I was like, what's going on here?  But then all the story lines came together.  Buster was the funniest:

And the mom, oh how I wish I could perfect her wink:
How does she keep her other eye open so wide?  Botox?

We watched the last one last night, except we didn't realize it was the last one and we were both pretty sad at the end.  "I wish they would have given us some warning" I said.

7) Katie shared this with me yesterday:
Pretty good, right?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. Love your sweet little lady's artwork cute! Be sure to keep it and you can display it at their wedding...

    Happy weekend, bloggy friend!

  2. I hear you on the WW! hey, as my friends and I say...a loss is a loss. Congrats!

    Love the graphic.
    My husband watches Arrested Development but I never got into it.

  3. love, love #7!! spot on!

  4. Buster sucking the smoke out of Lucille's mouth made me laugh SO hard. SO SO SO hard!!!

  5. Yay for introverts!

    My 7 yr old CONSTANTLY abbreviates things. Are we going to have din (dinner), Mom? Can we go to Cal Tort (California Tortilla - a resturant)? Yep, all the time!

  6. Love the 7th take! I have an introverted daughter and I think I'm an extrovert (though I love alone time).

    Way to go in the WW! Never tried it but ppl love the accountability. My jeans are my accountability but some times spandex can fool us!

  7. That's so funny you mentioned AD! I've been talking with Mary Kate about it, and how we're pretty disappointed in this season. In fact, the word "sucks" has been thrown around a lot.

    Though as always, Lucille and her wink steal the show.

    1. So sorry, felt the same as Cari. So so disappointing. I think I had too much faith...

  8. Love that Tom Haverford bit! We reference it frequently. We're only a couple episodes into AD, and it has been a bit disappointing. I'm glad you thought it gets better!!
    And I think I need to print out that introvert/extrovert pic. It describes my husband and me to a tee! (I'm the introvert, he is very extroverted)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. i love the card mags made for robby!

  10. Do you guys go to WW the morning...before work? Or, are you doing online? I used to be signed up for online WW...I've never actually worked up the nerve to go to an actual meeting.

  11. Maggie and her artwork; priceless!
    Arrested development is a really funny show....I'm still watching the original episodes on netflix.
    Very interesting about the magnesium and oh yeah....ewwww.

  12. I totally can do the wink thing...not really sure if I'm proud of that. I think it's genetic, I can do it, my Mama and my Granddaddy could. Hmm... I don't have TV so I'm lost with the rest but your presentation on the food pic is about as awesome as mine..yah, sorry that probably wasn't a very nice thing to say! Haha! but you get the idea...

  13. Introverts...#5..happens to me ALL the time.


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