Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quickest Takes Friday

1) I am so mad at Burger King right now.  I went there this morning to get a medium iced coffee, and asked for it with "cream, no sugar".

First of all, the price was $2.45 for like the smallest "medium" cup of iced coffee ever!  Then they put sugar in it!  I gave it away to a coworker.  It's McDonald's $1.00 big medium iced coffees from now on.
I'm loving it.
Summer lunch - chopped caprese salad.


I just got this book for Phil for Father's Day, and so far so...awesome!  We just love Jim Gaffigan.

I am having a major caffeine withdrawal headache right now.  See number 1.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Phantom Gourmet's BBQ Beach Party in should be awesome!  And I think I'll be skipping the weekly WW weigh in this week ;)

For you moms of girls ~ do you prefer your girls hair short or long?  If it's short, do you have to style it? 
Terrible picture, but wanted to get her hair in it.
  Maggie's is always looking so ratty and tangly and I think we need a new system.

OK, go have a nice summer weekend everyone.  And don't forget to enter the beautiful hair clip giveaway that ends this weekend!!
Martin out!


  1. 1. Got Rob the same book for Father's Day and we read sections aloud to each other and laugh and laugh -- yes, we are dorks, but so what? Jim Gaffigan is coming to a nearby theater in August and I think we are going to try to go!

    2. I am taking Sally and Mopsy to get their hair cut this afternoon. Sally has thick gorgeous hair that looks good always and Mopsy has that wispy, baby fine hair that looks ratty always. I have no idea what we'll decide to do when we get to the salon, but I'll let you know how it works out!

  2. The twins both have VERY short hair and it's super-easy to manage, plus they almost never have to take baths! Think Maggie would be cool with having her head shaved?

    But I'm in the same conundrum - Andrew wants to keep Cecilia's hair long but it gets so tangled and scraggly and she refuses to let me put it up... I think I need to chop a few inches off but I think he'll get mad!

    Also caprese salad is one of my favorite things about summer - so yummy!!! It makes me really happy that Costco always has fresh mozzarella for pretty cheap, because once tomatoes are in season we eat caprese salad with pretty much every meal!

  3. Hope you can get some coffee soon, totally agree McD or Dunkin only ~ even Starbucks tends to mess up iced coffee by me.

    We keep Lisbeth hair long and usually pull the front back in a half ponytail (I think that is what it is called, about a third of her hair is held in the elastic).

    Have fun this weekend.

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2013

    I think I might be getting "Dad is Fat" for my husband's birthday...aaand tickets to his show...but, really, it's all kinda for me. Selfish, maybe. But hilarious! And I'm a big fan of McD's coffee. I think that the people at the one closest to us know me as "that lady who orders a coffee with 7 creams in it". They had my love when they started putting the cream in instead of sending you on your way with the itty-bitty cups to wrangle whilst at a stop light (I mean, responsibly pulled over...).

  5. Burger King always gets my order wrong and I've only been there a few times! I have complete lack of trust that they will ever get it right.

    My girls hair is long and I like it long but it takes forever to style because they both have super curly hair. One with super curly thick hair!

    We love Jim Gaffigan too! We've watched his Mr. Universe twice and still laughed hard the second time.

  6. #2: yum! We make it with big slices of tomato and mozzarella, but this looks easier to prepare/eat.

    #3: I'm off to the bookstore!! (I knew he had kids, but does he really have five?)

  7. Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! We love his Hot Pocket bit (among others).

    Sarah's hair is long. I would like it cut into a nice bob but she is having none of that. We just got a good 2 1/2 inches cut off on Wednesday and it looks so much healthier now. I love her hair long but especially when it is blown out but she never lets me blow dry it so I have just gotten over it. If she's happy then for the most part, I'm happy.

  8. Ew. I will now avoid Burger King like the plague. Iced coffee is one of my summer faves but I am not willing to spend my entire savings for a Polly Pocket-sized amount. Thanks for the warning!

  9. Thanks for the book idea. I love this guy too!

    ya know what my Ava looks like. Her hair is thin and stringy. Her little bob is cute. one thing good about hair always grows back!!!

  10. DUDE. I hate order screw ups and high prices.

  11. My oldest now takes care of her hair nicely herself so it's very long, but when she was younger, I kept it short and it did not require styling. Her hair is MAJOR thick (her french braided main is 2 inches around) so short/layered was best when she was too young to take care of it. My #2 daughter has short hair because when long it is too tangly. so she has a reverse bob that is so cute. My #3 daughter (age 7) has very long hair, but she is okay with wearing a pony tail every day, so it always looks nice. she has grown her bangs out quite long (past her chin) but refuses to get it evened off at this point. so the non-bang hair is almost to her bottom!!

  12. We just cut our little's hair into the cutest pixie cut. She refuses to keep any bows or clips in her hair so this keeps her clean.

    I love iced coffee, I do not like the overly sugared kind at BK...

    Also, I could like on Caprese Salads all day everyday!

  13. Caprese salad- a summer fave!

    And you live in MA and DON'T get Dunkin coffee?! Mind=blown.

  14. I've heard the book is almost word for word his stand up show which is a little disappointing...still funny, but I've seen most of his stuff online and when we went to see him that so it doesn't make sense for me to buy it. Still love him, though!
    I think I know why God has only blessed us with boys. The hair. I could never do the hair.

  15. Caprese salad...yummy!!

    My girls have long hair...they like it better long. I think if I prefer long or short, just really depends on the hair. We've done short bobs, we've done long hair. I tend to prefer short bobs or long hair..but for some reason that shoulder-length in the middle length annoys me (which is what *my* hair is now, and it's taking FOREVER to grow.

    The one style I don't care for is bangs. When I look back at pictures of my girls when they had bangs, I cringe. On some kids, bangs are really cute...but not so much for us.

    Short bobs are really cute though...but long hair is fun too, because then you can put it up. If my girls resist brushing their hair, then I make them cut it.

  16. Ok...let's talk hair...Madison has naturally curly hair...I always let hers grow long. Flynn's is the is thick and curly and will go in any style. Peyton has thin straight hair...I loved her hair short when she was little. It was a cute, short cut like to her cheeks. She had bangs, and I parted it on the side. No issues, except what color clip to wear!

  17. My three year old's hair is thin and stringy looking a lot, but trimming a little off the ends every couple months has helped. She really wants long hair and we've never cut more than her bangs and the very tips of the rest of her hair and it's barely past her shoulders. I'd like to cut it a little shorter, but I know it would break her heart, so we're letting it grow for now. She tells me often how beautiful and long her hair is :)

  18. Oh hair struggles...most people just don't get the dilemma my girl experiences...she has the most beautiful shade of blonde...but her hair is thin, thin, thin! :( Bobs are cute on her, but she wants "Tangled" hair...hate to break it to girlfriend, but she ain't ever gonna have hair like that...unless we get her extensions! LOL

  19. Ahhhh hair. We have a lot of it in this house! And all of my girls have such different hair. Sierra usually keeps hers about shoulder length. It's the most fine and thin of all the girls. Good news is that it doesn't have to be styled. It pretty much looks the same no matter what. Bad news is that it can get pretty stringy if it gets too long. Though she's growing it out a little right now, and it looks pretty good! Kenners has THICK THICK hair. It's like mine. And she begged me to cut bangs last summer, so we're still growing those out. Sigh. Her hair looks pretty good as long as she keeps a clip in her hair to keep the long bangs out of her face. Kam has, in my opinion, the most desirable hair. It's naturally wavy, doesn't tangle too badly, and is the perfect thickness. But it can get out of control if I don't keep it brushed an some sort of pony, braid, etc in it. And Tay. Oh dear. Her hair is out.of.control. at all times. That's all ;)

  20. I wish Lydia's hair would grow long but it just doesn't really grow at all. We keep it shoulder length so we can still get it in a ponytail but it's trimmed enough to look decent.

    I know you're all trying to lose weight and everything but maybe you should treat yourself to a DQ Moolatte. They are amazing.

  21. My oldest daughter wants to grow her hair as long as she can - Flexi-clips to the rescue. She's 6 and will let me do a simple ponytail and her hair is really thin and really not so long.

    But the odd thing is that last night I had this dream that I walked in on her in the bathroom and she had cut all of her hair down to nearly her scalp and I had to shave it. Weird dream.

    ANd I hear ya on the coffee. We got a bialetti pot and I make my own since I only leave the house like twice a week.

  22. We love Jim Gaffigan too and that book was a father's day gift here too! So funny! And I'm interested to hear what everyone says about little girl hair as well :)

  23. I am totally checking out that Jim Gaffigan book - we love him. Wanted to go see him in Chicago a couple of months ago but it didn't work out. Totally bummed.

    My daughters hair hardly grows.. blah. We do all sorts of styles - braids, piggy tails, up and down. I just get creative. Recently I did a braid starting at her bangs all the way back to the other side of her head. Looked cute. :)

    Totally jealous of your caffeine withdrawal Headache.. going on 5 months with none. Baby boy can't tolerate it.

    Off to check out that book.



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