Sunday, June 2, 2013

UPDATED: Just Like Pajamas and Sleepy Kids

We went to the Baccalaureate Mass at our high school last night, and I took the opportunity to wear a really comfy Old Navy dress.  

 It's black, so I had to add a pop of color (which upped the modesty factor too) with a pink tank top and some pink/orange sandals (not these, but I would have worn these if I had them!). 

I really need a new pose.
I'm updating to add the kid's Mass behavior for Grace's new Sunday Best linkup.

Well, when we got to the Baccalaureate Mass about ten minutes early, the cry room was already filled to the brim...with adults.  Normally I can't stand seeing childless adults in the cry room, but this was due to the sheer number of students and their families and all of the faculty that were there.  And really, who can get mad when a Mass is standing room only?  Jesus is awesome!

Some of our nice co-workers could see that we had our "hands full" and politely offered to give up their seats, but that would mean us splitting up and neither of us wanted to take the almost-two year old on our own.  Because, ummm, hello, he's our fifth child and we know better.

So instead we stood at the back of the church and watched Xander dip his hands in the Holy Water and bless himself until his head was wet (but he was being quiet!) and counted the number of times he tried to run up the aisle (only twice!).  He consumed cheerios, fruit snacks, a sippy cup, a squeezable fruit pack, and finally some candy all in efforts to keep him quiet.  He still acts like the mayor when it's time for the Sign of Peace, and cracked up all our fellow standees-in-the-backsies as he went from one to another giving "PEESH".  

As soon as Phil received Communion, you can bet he walked outside with Xander faster than all the better Catholics could judge him (note: never judge the actions of a tired parent of toddlers at Mass).  I waited with the four older and well-behaved children (seriously they are so good and easy) and we treated them to a frosty from Wendy's after.  


John-Paul: A- 
Only because he told me he wasn't singing at Mass because he was practicing for being an Altar Server.  And because he had to go to the bathroom, but at least it was before Mass started.

Andrew: A
As usual.

Eamon: A
Also, as usual.

Maggie: B
Because she kept purposefully standing over the AC vent and having Marilyn Monroe moments with her dress.

Now off to see the better dressed at Fine Linen and Purple and Sunday Best!


  1. Ah..nothing like a classic, black, old navy dress....a closet staple!

    You look great...the splash of pink is the perfect touch!

  2. Now the Old Navy model makes it look like pajamas or a beach swimsuit cover up, but YOU rock it! You make it look not like pajamas.

  3. Comfy and pretty is my favorite combo. You always look so nice! (And the on-line sandals are great, but I really like yours, too.)

  4. Such a cute dress and it looks super comfortable too!

  5. Adorable and Comfy; two of my favorite things.

  6. Love the pop of color! I'm using pink as an accent color with black today too. Great minds.

  7. Really like the pop of color ~ and that chose a matching flower background for the photo shoot.

  8. Okay this makes me feel like not a complete failure as a parent with taking kids to church. It seems like all the families who have older kids and have 4+ plus have it together and the youngest is perfectly behaved. Your older kids give me hope but at this moment Xander is my reality (times two - soon to be three). Advent is going to be an interesting/dicey church time for us!

  9. Ahh...Marilyn Monroe moments...too funny!

  10. Ahahaha Maggie!!! Cecilia didn't even get creative like that, she just kept flashing the church while lying down in the pew with her legs in the air because she was "fewwy tiwed..."

  11. Your grades for the kids are cracking me up. Love Maggie and Marilyn Monroe moment. And Love that John Paul was practicing being an altar server by not singing!

  12. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    Ha! My girls always pull a Marylin over the AC vent in front of the cry room, too!

  13. You look so cute! And the Maggie Marilyn moments made me literally laugh out loud. Props to you for going to the Baccalaureate Mass with all the kids. I always felt like those were so long so I can't even fathom the things Ryan would come up with.

  14. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    I think the tank totally makes this ensemble!

  15. Wow! I love your dress!!! It looks so nice and I love that you put an accent on it. You did a great choice of using that hot pink under! -


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