Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Favorites

So many blogs to read!

Thanks to Jen's everyday post linkup, I have had my fill of good reads.  Which is rare in the summer months, and like McDonald's...I'm lovin' it.

Summer Vacations.
Oh pooooooool boy!  You missed a spot.

As you're reading this we are heading down to visit Phil's family for a few days.  Unlike my normal Type A Vacation style, I am trying not to plan a  n  y  t  h  i  n  g so that my kids can just play with their cousins, run around outside all day, and swim to their heart's content!  I'm not even going to worry about bringing exercise clothes or videos.  I'm seriously taking a break.

Red Baron pizza.

I feel like I'm confessing a sin, but there are (too many) times when 9 pm rolls around and Phil and I are hungry for second dinner, and we cook up one of these delicious and inexpensive pizzas.  It has to be Supreme, and it has to cost $3.00 or less.  I eat 3 slices and Phil eats 5.  Because I make sure he eats more than me so I feel like a lady :)

Royal Baby Princes!

What's his name?  What does he look like?  

And how did this petite princess give birth to an 8 lb. 6 oz. first born?  It must be the commoner in her ;)

I heard Alexander is in the running for a name, and my Xander was like:

I guess he doesn't want all the world's future babies to have the same name as him.  Selfish.

And I saved something delicious for last.

Smores from stores.  For those times when a campfire is more scarce than a unicorn.

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  1. Love Red Baron Pizza here too, Colleen! We too pop them in late at night! Cheese for some...pepperoni for others.

    Am loving the whole Royal Baby thing too. Something good on the news for once.

    Have a great, relaxing trip, friend! : )

  2. That is the kind of vacation I ALWAYS want and so far we haven't gotten one :( One of these days it's gotta happen! But Andrew says that if we're going anywhere exciting, we better see all the sights! I just want to sleep in and get room service...

  3. Oh Man! I'm not a marshmallow over the campfire fan, but I do love some smores. I may have to see if I can find those now.

  4. Safe travels, have a wonderful vacation!

  5. All five of these were fun to read today. I'm smiling here.

  6. You always make me laugh! Have fun on your vacation! I'm so glad you're just chillin' out.

  7. I'm so glad you're taking a break! Well deserved. And yes, Red Barron pizza. So good. And pretty much happens every Friday night over here.

    Dying for the name reveal of the new prince! I can hardly handle it. Any word on when they will announce it?!

  8. I think he only has to share the name as a middle name. Lucky!

    I love those cheap pizzas too...almost to the point of burning them.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  9. Chill out vacations are the best. I need one of those!

  10. I hope your vacation is wonderful!!!
    Thank goodness Xander doesn't have to share his name....I was worried.

  11. Numero four made me lol!
    And how have I not heard of number five? Must find those! S'mores are my fav!
    Have a fun trip!


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