Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes: My Baby's Birthday

My "baby" (my sister gets mad that I still call him that, because he's a big boy) is TWO today!  He is so so so excited.  He's been talking about his birthday for 2 weeks, and he wants a Dora Balloon and some cake.  Easily pleased that one.  We celebrated with Phil's side of the family this week.  

Cousin Maura turned 11 this month!

My little leftie.


The best thing about the baby's birthday is how excited the other kids get.

Right now Andrew is learning to play Happy Birthday on the piano.

Maggie: "We're going to let him do anything he wants today, even ride my scooter."

Then they figured out they could ask for whatever they wanted and pretend it was Xander's idea....

J-P: "Xander says he wants donuts for his birthday".  

We celebrated his birthday last weekend with my family.  There are 5 summer birthdays amongst the littles...

  Pinata Time!

The pinata finally broke, and all Alexander got was half a twizzler and a pair of glasses :)  

 Did you hear?  The Prince's name is George ALEXANDER Louis.  

They're gonna call him G. Xander for short.

This is non birthday related, but it's one of the most exciting moments of our married life...

Our student loan debt is paid off!!!!!

Status: Paid in Full...have there ever been sweeter words written?

It's taken us 11 years to pay off about $70,000 of student loan debt.  We've scrimped and saved and sacrificed in order to do it, and it is so rewarding!  Happy Dance!

Now we can finally start saving for the next house with four bedrooms!

But back to this guy...
Like his shirt says, yes girls, he's single.  Shocking but he doesn't want to be tied down quite yet.  He's got places to go, people to see, and lawns to mow.

Alexander Blaise, you have a rockstar name, and you are our little rockstar.  You are the funniest, smartest, cutest, sweetest little 2 year old I know, and I am honored to be your Mom.  You have brought so much joy and laughter and fun to our lives, and like Eamon once said "Without him, we would have nothing."  So very true.  We love you to the moon and back.


  1. Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS on the loans!!!! FREEDOM!! So exciting!

    And happy birthday Xander! Looks like you've had lots of celebrating!

  2. Jealous on the student loan debt. I really need to do some soul searching and figure out what our problem is that we can't seem to make much dent in ours. At least so it seems... hmmmmm.

    Happy Birthday to Xander!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your baby, Colleen! And for the record, Flynn is closing in on four, and I still refer to her as "my baby"... So you go, girlfriend!

    And a big high five on paying off your student loans! Way to go!

    Happy Weekend, friend...

  4. Congratulations on #5. That is quite an accomplishment.

  5. Happy Birthday to Xander! Congratulations on getting in early on the royal naming trend. Congratulations too on getting the student loans paid off, I know how good that feels!

  6. Happy birthday to your baby (I still call Noah baby and I have a real baby, sometimes it just sticks) I am so proud of you for getting those student loans paid off! Way to go!

  7. Happy Birthday you little stud muffin, Xander!! I'm sending lots of hugs and kisses today. xoxoxo

    Woot! Woot! Hooray for debt paid in full. That is a very exciting day for you two. Now go and celebrate! And then start saving for that house :)

  8. G. it =) So glad your family enjoyed the birthday festivities, and big props to you for paying off your loans! We are slowly making our way there!

  9. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    Happy Birthday Xander!! How bad is it that whenever someone posts a picture of birthday cake...I just covet it. I LOVE cake..and those look GOOD.

    Hooray on the student loan debt..that's awesome!! Do something fun to deserve it!

  10. That has got to feel awesome to pay off that kind of debt!!! I cannot wait for my youngest's 2nd bday. 2 yr olds are super into the cake and balloons but oblivious to every thing else!

  11. Happy Birthday Xander! And congrats on the loans - I don't even know how close we are to paying off Andrew's from law school, but I know it's not very close...

    Also, Elizabeth kicked the computer while she was nursing and blew up the statement to very large proportions and your account number is still visible with the screen tilted - so you might want to edit that out if possible!

  12. Happy birthday to little Xander! Now that your current baby is two, isn't it time to think about a new one? wink wink.

    And CONGRATS on being student-loan free!!! i can't wait until we finally get to stop making that payment... someday.

  13. Aw, Happy Birthday you little cutie!!!!!

  14. Happy birthday. I love how the kids get excited for sibling parties too-- one of the best perks to a lot of brothers and sisters.
    Are they really calling him g.xander ? I didn't hear that.
    We paid our student debt before kids but now we are in debt from other bills.

    2 is still a baby!!! I call my 2 years babies and 3 and 4 and....:)

  15. Happy Birthday Xander! And congrats on the student loan payoff! Cute pictures and looks like a lot of fun for you guys this summer.

  16. Aww happy birthday to Xander! So cute that all the kids love his birthday too! :)

    And that is AWESOME that all your student loans are paid off! As I continue to rack up the debt over the next few months, I am so looking forward to that day....very far in my future haha!

  17. Happy birthday, Xander! You are such a cutie our u!

    I call Zeke my baby. Actually I call all of them my babies. They always will be, too.

    Congrats on the loans! We just paid off 2 of our 4 and it feels great!

  18. Happy birthday, Xander!! You are a real sweetie!

    And super congrats on the loan repayment! We paid ours off a few years ago and it was the best feeling. Enjoy!! :)

  19. Oh my gosh - Happy Birthday Xander!!!! He still looks like a baby to me :)

    And a HUGE congratulations for paying off your student loans. That is almost a bigger accomplishment than graduation to me!!

  20. Happy Birthday, Xander!! What a cutie.

    And WOW! Congratulations!! We started out with about as much as you, and boy does that paid in full line seem soooooo far away. You are an inspiration!

  21. Happy Birthday to your precious little guy! And congrats on the loan debt. I can't even imagine how that will feel. We're still quite a ways off. Looks like some fun family summer days!

  22. Happy Birthday Xander!!

  23. Yay! Student loans all paid off! I'm so jealous!
    It's gonna take me double the time to pay my med student loans.... :(

    Happy bday Xander!


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