Sunday, July 7, 2013


My nephew just posted this picture of Arnold eating at my parents homemade ice cream shop in 1986, and it got almost 200,000 views in two days!  

It's not a tumah, it's an ice cream headache.

The cone looks so teeny in his huge arm and hand!  We used to have this photo hanging in the shop, with a sign that said "I'll Be Back!" because, you know:

Mr. Schwarzenegger came in a few times, and always ordered Rum Raisin.  My parents are pioneers (which means they don't drink alcohol) but my mom makes the best alcohol-infused recipes :)

Oh how I miss growing up on Cape Cod and eating homemade ice cream every day in the summer.  Wish I could give my kids that same experience.

But for now they will just have to deal with Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream from the grocery store while hearing me complain that nobody's ice cream was as good as Maggie's Ice Cream.  Fact.

It's now called Katie's ice cream, but you can still visit the shop in Hyannis, MA



  1. My in-laws eat there every summer when they are on vacation - especially because one of my nieces' names is Katie. But I would have made a special visit if it was still Maggie's ;-)

    My kids also have to "make-do" with Turkey Hill because the hand made divine ice cream of choice is Longacre's Dairy Store and that's a bit of a drive. Good for me, though. If it was closer I'd be in huge trouble. Emphasis on huge.

  2. Well... if you ever are in NC for whatever crazy reason go to Goodberry's. They have some fantastic custard that if you order a size larger than the mini you will have a stomach ache for days. If we had one that was not an hour away I think I would be there at least two times a week during the summer.

  3. That is sooo neat! I love chocolate peanutbutter ice cream! And chocolate moose tracks. And coffee. And plain old chocolate. I could go on and on I'm hungry!

  4. AnonymousJuly 08, 2013

    Wow..that's so cool that Arnold ate there...and Rum Raisin? Who would have thought?? I've never had Rum Raisin ice I really want to try it!

  5. So excited for our upcoming trip to the Cape! The kids are already talking about how much ice cream we are going to eat. The ice cream on the Cape is really the best ice cream around.

    We have eaten at a lot of ice cream shops (4 Seas, The Ice Cream Smuggler, The Sundae School, Twin Acres, etc.) but oddly enough have never eaten at Katie's even though we always stay in West Yarmouth.

    I'll have to ask my husband if he remembers it when it was called Maggie's because he grew up in W. Yarmouth.

  6. How cool! What a fun story to pass down the generations!

  7. How cool! What a fun story to pass down the generations!

  8. Love the Arnold story!! How cool!!

    HOpe you get as many clicks over!!


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