Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Favorites

I'm going to try a new twist on the Five Favorites, and mention something in each of the five categories: Fitness, Fun, Food, Fashion and Faith.

1) Fitness

I take one in the morning with a cup of water, eat my fried eggs and drink my coffee, and I'm not hungry until 11:00 or 11:30.

2) Fun

Eamon and Maggie have been playing Scopa, an Italian card game, like it's their full-time job.   
It's a fun and quick game that teaches them math and makes them feel connected to their Italian heritage.  

3) Food

This Broccoli Cole Slaw is a perfect cookout side dish.  It's so yummy and I've never eaten broccoli slaw before, so I'm considering it a healthy win!

4) Fashion
Or underfashion.  These Gap cotton hipsters are my favorite underwear of all time.  I triple dog dare you to find a more comfortable pair.  Right now, you can get them for $3.50 each with the 30% off code on their website.  They are usually $12.50 each (which is absurd!) and I'll be stocking up at this awesome price!!

5) Faith
I'm reading a book for a new book club that I'll be joining, called A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God's Promises.  I'll try to keep you updated on whether or not I like it.  

And that's it!  Go see Hallie and Company for more favorites :)


  1. Scopa! I totally forgot about that game! I spent hours playing with my sister & our cousins!! I think I might FB my cousin about it right now...

  2. Can't wear hipsters anymore since they hit me right in my c-section scar and it is irritating, even though I have lost all feeling in the scar area. The surrounding skin is still sensitive, even 6 months later!

    And I'll have to check out Scopa and teach it to the kids -- they are card junkies!

  3. I like the five F's format!

    My sister-in-law swears by that green coffee bean extract, too--I'm gonna have to try it.

  4. I love this order. Categories for categories, love it.

    Never heard of the coffee bean extract, you really feel like it is working? I'm always looking for stuff like that.

    Definitely looking up Scopa! The kids played a new to us card game for two hours (BS, but we call it Bologna) straight the other night, so much fun.

  5. Ok, for one, that salad looks wonderful. I just tried a kale and brussel sprouts salad at Whole Foods...and it was really good. Like, really good. Def. worth a try!

    Also, I love that you are in a book club. I joined one recently and love, love the "pressure" to finally sit down and enjoy a book (because I HAVE to). Isn't that crazy? But it totally makes me happy. Right now, outside of the group, I am reading "Born to Run." Have you heard of it? I thought of you! It's great!

  6. Okay, gotta try that coffee extract.. Need to try something. Love this...

  7. Great idea to name 5 different "F" categories - I know I certainly need a bit of structure to get the thoughts flowing.


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