Monday, August 19, 2013

Let Me Count the Ways...

I've got the bestest husband in the whole world!  For me.  
You may have the bestest husband in the whole world for you, and that makes me so happy!  

Don't you just hate it when spouses don't speak nicely about one another?  Doesn't it sort of stab you in the heart when you hear a wife belittling her husband, or a husband wishing his wife was a better {insert role}?  Love is a choice, people!  Luckily, for me, it's usually accompanied by a syrupy sweet feeling as well, which made that choice pretty much the easiest decision I've ever had.  

The secret reason I am still giddy in love with my super hot husband after 11 years is because he loves me with acts of service that really ahem, do the trick.  Let me give you some examples of the ways he shows his love...

1) He makes me breakfast every single day while I have morning sickness, then serves it to me in bed.  He even takes my order the night before.

2) He put my favorite running songs in my phone so that I didn't have to choose between carrying an iPod or carrying a phone.  Safety first.

3) When my sister told me it was possible to conceive again (twins) in the first ten weeks of pregnancy, I shot him a look that read "Don't come near me" and he just smiled and nodded, even though he thinks twins would be the.coolest.

4) I just went into the kitchen and spotted him in the bathroom, cleaning the bathtub.  With the new sponge he was so excited to try out since we saw it on Shark Tank.

5) Speaking of Shark Tank, we saw an episode last week where these guys made grilled cheese sandwiches on glazed donuts instead of bread.  I was drooling, and Phil said "Do you want me to go pick up some donuts to make that?" and  he was serious, too.

6) Every day I'm at work he does something fun with the kids...parks, bike rides, sports events, beaches, arts and crafts, obstacle courses (they are really into completing his course to become a ninja warrior), basically he does anything and everything.  He's a better parent than I'll ever be.

7)  He never buys anything.  This is so good for my budgeting yet sometimes spending personality.  I never have to worry about finding a big credit card bill because he wanted the latest technology item.  If we have a big credit card bill, it's all my fault.

8) If he's not cooking dinner, he's doing the dishes.  Fact.

9)  A couple of weeks ago, we had a homily where our pastor asked everyone in the parish to increase their tithing by 20%.  The next week as I'm writing the check for Mass, Phil reminds me to increase it by 20% and I said "Ugh, it's not like our incomes went up 20%" and he replied "When has God never provided for us?"  

10) He is completely focused on getting us to Heaven.  I've never seen Phil cry, but the most emotional he gets is when he talks about how he wouldn't be able to be happy if the kids or I don't make it to Heaven.  I joke and tell him that it's his job to get us to Heaven and it's my job to get us through this life.  And he takes that job seriously.

Okay, I could go on and on with my love mushiness, and I'm sure Phil is blushing reading this.  But isn't it nice to lift your spouse up in a world that doesn't seem to encourage it?  So go ahead and tell me the reasons you are happy in love...


  1. Very sweet post! I definitely don't let Ryan know how much he means to me as much as I should... this has inspired me to change that! :-)

  2. Love the love between you two, Colleen. And I love even more the example your husband is setting for your sons on how to be a good husband, not to mention for your sweet little lady on what to expect in a man! Although those will be some big shoes to fill! : )

  3. I love this post so much. I was just thinking about writing something like this the other day, when I was going on to the neighbor about how handy Ken is. Pretty much everything cool in our yard, he built. I make babies and messes. He makes chicken coops and planter boxes and benches and cheese boards.

  4. Reading this post made my Monday...and it was already pretty good!

  5. You realize that husband's who do the sort of things that you described only act that way because they know that they married up!! The more nice things you say about me should only be a sign of what a great catch you are.

    1. Aww and he even leaves sweet comments!

  6. Love this post. Especially #10.

  7. This was awesome! Very, very sweet. Your husband reminds me of someone I know--especially the part about being focused on getting his family to Heaven.

  8. I love this and you inspired my next post because I don't have any original ideas for a post haha

  9. Ummm, I can't get the part about getting preggers with twins, twice, as in again, within the first 10 weeks...really? Ummmm. wow. Might have to try that one....

    (If it happens again for us.) I am an old mama, doesn't that increase those chances too?

    Ummm, so that means I love this post and there are so many reasons I love my husband I might have to do something like this..

    Wow. Really? That is possible? How? Wouldn't one twin be too young to be delivered when the first one is ready?

    No way.

  10. I seriously just had to Google the whole getting pregnant again in your first 10 weeks. YIKES!!!!!

    Your husband sounds like a ver good man...but you already know this!

  11. so wonderful! Kirk and Phil sound similar in many ways, but Phil has Kirk beat on the cooking and dishes, you are so lucky!

  12. I love your point about recognizing that we each (hopefully) have the perfect husbands for ourselves. I know I do! And yours sounds like a real keeper.

  13. LOVE YOU TWO! You're such an amazing couple, and I love how much you share your love after so many years of marriage! I also cannot stand when people talk badly about their spouses!

  14. Aww...this was so sweet. And, I totally agree about writing positive and encouraging things about our spouses. Talking negative about one's spouse is just so bad for marriage. And, I love your first line..that is just so true.

    And my husband thinks twins would be the coolest too. Never heard of the 10 week thing though.

  15. Love it! You should have a husband gushing link up :).

  16. So lovely to see posts like this. And I second the Link-up!!

  17. So sweet and affirming to your husband and your love for one another. I am daily in awe of the things that seemingly come easy to my husband in caring/loving the kids and I. Those things help my day go better as I strive to even live faithfully my role as wife to such a God-filled man. Most often it's the small things that I can't imagine all husbands not doing and when I see another husband not doing it, I'm like 'whoa. all husband's don't do that?' It reminds me how blessed I truly am.

  18. #4...that is the BEST ever!!! :)

  19. I was thinking about the Scrub Daddy TODAY!!! I want one so bad!

  20. I was thinking about the Scrub Daddy TODAY!!! I want one so bad!

  21. Thanks for linking! I love each one of them!


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