Friday, September 27, 2013

7 for 7

My Eamon turned SEVEN yesterday!  
He's still such a little peanut, but full of spunk and joy to make him seem larger than life.  (You know the type.)
Here are some pictures from his big day:

He woke up this morning and said "It's my birthday! And Johnny Appleseed Day!  And Caitlin's birthday (his cousin)! And Gammy's half birthday!"  

I asked him if he felt older, and he said "Not really, maybe a little bit bigger or something."
How old are you?
His birthday meal requests:

Breakfast: Donuts (I added some yogurt for protein)

Lunch: A nutella and fluff sandwich (we never let them have this combo, and he's been dying to try it! The verdict was that it was "too sweet".  Well, I'll be.)

Dinner: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli - steamed not roasted.  Same as last year!
This is how he eats it...all mashed up together.  It's actually quite tasty this way!
The extent of my cake decorating skills - Mario characters lined up like a 7.
Don't peek!

A happy boy!!
An unhappy boy!  He wanted to blow out the candles. "I do it!"
Gammy and Grandpa came over to celebrate:

He got lots of great presents from his birthday list:

What little boy asks for a Tervis cup for their birthday?

6) Siblings were very involved in the present opening and play by play:

Who needs to have friends over when every day is an instant party?

7) This is what I live for...the faces!


Happy Birthday Eamon, we love you to the moon and back!


  1. He's adorable. The best part is the faces on all the kids. Such love! Happy Birthday to Eamon.

  2. Happy birthday, Eamon! The cake looks GREAT!

  3. Happy birthday to him! And I cracked up with that baby face who wanted to blow out the candles. So cute!

  4. Happy Birthday, Eamon! Loved the pictures. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy, Colleen! 7 year olds are awesome...

    And your cake looks awesome too! Oreo frosting? Yes please!

    Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing and full of football.

    Are your Patriots doing any better than my Steelers? Ugh...

  6. Happy Birthday Eamon!

    I think you have great cake decorating skills....well mine are about the same anyway.

  7. cute. yeah for september birthdays!

  8. Oh Eamon! 7 years old???!!!! He really is the sweetest, and seems like he's turning into Fr. Cook a little more each day ;)

  9. Blah. They're getting so big. When are we seeing you next? I need to see them before they're big enough to go to college.

  10. Happy birthday to Eamon! John Paul totally asked for one of those cups for his birthday too - maybe it makes them feel like grown-ups?

  11. Happy birthday Eamon!! (the age of reason) such a fun age!!

    God bless you!

  12. 7 seems like such a big age! :) I see some resemblance between Eamon and his grandpa :) hope he has a wonderful birthday!!

  13. Happy birthday Eamon! Love the excitement on everyone's faces - and Xander's unhappy face. :)

  14. I totally love my food all mixed together like that..I am no craving that meal! Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy!

    I always light the candles and let the little ones have a turn even though it isnt their birthday. They just love to blow out candles ...a zillion how can you say no to that sweet Xander!

  15. What an absolute cutie pie; happy birthday Eamon!!!

  16. What a great birthday post! Happy Birthday to your Eamon!

  17. Happy Birthday Eamon! Looks like he got some cool Patriots gear!
    And I love the look on Xander's face when he didn't get to blow out the candles.

  18. happy birthday! he looks very happy, you did good mama!

  19. Awe! Happy birthday to your little man! May he be blessed abundantly this year :) Don't you just love the sibling involvement?? :)

  20. Happy Birthday, Eamon! I love the faces! And the instant frosting. And Oreo frosting? Whoa.

  21. What a dear boy - happy (belated) birthday, Eamon! :)


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