Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Y'all know how much I love to exercise, right?  
Well, I loved hearing about this study that shows exercising while pregnant makes babies smarter!!  Yet another reason to keep it moving and shaking.  

Uh, Mom, I think this look went out in 1952.
"For women who are pregnant, as little as 20 minutes of exercise three times per week can advance a newborn’s brain activity, according to a new study." 
Read more here.

This is what I want to be doing today.  
You're getting in the way of my 8 hour cat nap.
 Between a husband who has a stuffy nose which results in some unpleasant snoring, pregnancy insomnia, and a baby coughing all night, who then "puped" (puked) on the floor this morning from all the coughing...I am tuckered out.  Cats have the life.

Last night I made 5 loaves of pumpkin bread, one for our family and four for the kids to bring to their Holiday Fair.  
Xander could barely keep it together as they were cooling.  "I just smelling it!  I need a fork!  It's not too hot!"
I don't blame you kiddo, there's nothing better than smelling homemade baked goods, except actually getting to eat them.

My husband loves me, this I know, for this breakfast told me so.

Wow, are these the boringest Quick Takes ever, or what?  How about I show you my current fingernail color and toenail color?  That should really shake things up ;)  
Or maybe you want to see a picture of Baby Martini?

Oh, I remembered something!  I want to do a linkup of Kids Christmas Lists!  
I don't want to encourage materialism at Christmas, but I do love seeing what my kids are hoping to get, reading their handwriting and watching them grow through the years as I compare lists from the past.  Like Maggie's list from when she was four:
"Maggie want(s) (a) lollipop girl."
I'm thinking next week we can all linkup, so get your kids some pens and paper!!

Last night I got an email from our kid's principal asking if we wanted a girl's bed that was in great condition.  
A bed with there anything better?
Maggie's 6th birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, and we will need another bed when this baby is 2, so it's perfect timing!  I'm just going to buy her some cute girly sheets and call it done! 

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!


  1. Um, I'm a little jealous of that bed. It's so cute! I'm sure Maggie will love it!

  2. I just baked pumping bread too…but kept both loaves to myself! *wink* Awesome bed score!!! The christmas list link-up sounds like fun! I'm in!!!

  3. Pumpkin bread=love...
    And score on the beautiful bed! : )
    Have a great weekend, my bloggy friend.

  4. I LOVE your linkup idea! My Gus wanted "a big candy cane" when he was that age. So we got him one of those GIANT ones. Best Christmas evah. (Umm, except the first one.)

  5. Baby Martini is beautiful, and I loved the story, well done!

    Linkup idea sounds awesome, although I am already fearing what might be on my teens' wish lists. Ugh. No. you will not be getting a Mustang.

  6. That bed is fabulous! Maggie is going to feel like a princess sleeping in that!

  7. That bed is fabulous!! Maggie is going to feel like a princess sleeping in that!

  8. Mmmmm, yummy! Love the idea of the Christmas Lists. I think they are the best thing and I always keep my kids lists. Great bed.

  9. That bread looks so yummy..recipe please???!!! That bed is super cool! every bed on this planet should have drawers under it.

  10. That bed is beautiful! Send some of that pumpkin bread over here cuz ill be making pumpkin bread pudding next week.

  11. usually kid lists are hilarious. I will never forget when my oldest son was 4 and he wanted a yellow bucket so he could play "janitor".

    cute bed :)

  12. my fingernails are a similar color!

  13. Like the blue nail polish. and black and gray and purple. yes, i'm gothic.
    love the girlie bed.
    and the linkup idea.
    and pumpkin bread.
    but HATE pregnancy insomnia and sick babies ;(

  14. That exercise study is a really good reminder!! Who doesn't want a smarter kid?? I know you're getting your 20min x 3/ week in :)

  15. Love that cool!! And, I love the idea of a kid's Christmas list link-up...although I also fear what would be on my kids lists...probably something like a pony and a bigger house. LOL

  16. John Paul started making a Christmas list a couple months ago and it was AMAZING. I wonder if I can find it... He also wrote what he wants to get everyone else - he wants to buy his 30-year-old aunt a hair bow :P

  17. I remember someone making the claim once that exercising while you're pregnant makes your kids hyperactive. I thought the person making the claim just wanted an excuse to be lazy.

    I'm glad you've cleared that up for me. Now I can attribute any of my son's smarts to how much I worked out in his pregnancy and blame his hyperactivity on his father!

  18. That bed is awesome and that pic of Xander smelling the bread is FANTASTIC!

  19. That is an AWESOME bed!! I wish my bed were that awesome. Also love the idea of the Christmas list linkup, but I'm afraid all you'll get from my kids is drool and lots of "x"s and random letters and scribbles from my oldest that say "mommy I love you" or her name in code. ;)

    Thanks for that link to the benefits of exercise during pregnancy too! I work at a maternity home and it is like pulling teeth to get them to get off the couch. This will be great incentive, I hope! :)

  20. I love the bed. Beds with storage drawers underneath are the best invention ever. And you sure can't beat the price!

    That wish list link-up is a great idea. I can't wait to read those!

  21. Xander smelling the bread is pretty much what I look like (but not as cute). I laughed so hard! "I just smelling it! I need a fork! It's not too hot!" Yep. Sounds about right.


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