Tuesday, November 12, 2013

He Said, She Said

Sweet Dreams
Maggie: I love getting into my cozy bed because it feels like a big hug from God!

When the Disciplinee Becomes the Discipliner
I was being silly one night after dinner, and snapping and dancing around...
Xander: No smapping!  You not good girl to smap!

Family Planning
Maggie: Mom, how many kids are we going to have?
Me: Well, six sounds good for now.
Maggie: I think you should have 7, and then I'll have 7 when I marry Robby.  That's a good idea.
Robby, I hope you like a bossy woman.

When an Accountant Marries a Theologian
Me: We need to figure out where the kids are going to sleep when the new baby comes.
Phil: See, that's the problem with society.  Kids get too much these days.  Your Dad slept in a bed with four of his siblings, and now every kid needs his own room, it's ridiculous.  
Me: Sooooo...we need to figure out where the kids are going to sleep when the new baby comes.
Good thing he's cute.
It's Not a Vision Problem
John-Paul: Mom, can you still see your feet?
Me: Not really.
Eamon: You need your glasses?
Buh-bye feet.

He Makes a Good Point
I was walking into the grocery store with Andrew and trying to put on my coat very unsuccessfully.
Andrew: Mom, you have your arm in the wrong sleeve.
Me: Oh, that's the problem.  What am I, like 2 years old?
Andrew: Well, Dad does call you "Baby" sometimes.


  1. These are too funny. I especially like the one about the sleeping arrangements. Even though we've never met, I can almost hear your voice as you said that.

  2. I'm with Phil on that one. Plus! if you put more than one in a bed, you can save money on heating bills during the night!

  3. They're all good, but I laughed out loud at the last one!

  4. Cute. Get Maggie a bunk bed for Christmas--problem solved. Someone can sleep above or below her.

  5. Didn't know you were having another?! Congrats! When is he/she due?

  6. Room sharing is cool. bed sharing is not my favorite (unless it's with Rob). I shared a bed with my sister and maybe it was our personalities, but it did not go well. :) Now, some of my kids will voluntarily climb into bed with a sibling and that works out just great. Just put them all in "the dormitory" and let them shake it out.

  7. I love these! Kids say the best things! I swear I would laugh 75% less than I do now if I didn't have kids in my life!

  8. We are trying to figure out where Simeon is going--Tom wants him out of our room by the time he's 2--we've got a month and a half...

    I always use that Little House thing, nothing wrong with sharing!!

  9. they make some pretty cool bunkbeds out there..sometimes 3 to 4 stacked..so cool. They are so so blessed to have siblings.

  10. Is it just me or does Robby have a scared, scared look in his eyes?

  11. I can't stop laughing. No joke.
    Still laughing OUT LOUD.

  12. Ahahaha the last one is my favorite!!! I think I missed that one the first time I read this... Hilarious!


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