Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lights and Wise Men and Thank You!

Linking up with Cari and her Theme Thursday: Lights to show off our fake (ugh, can you believe it?) Christmas tree!  I took this photo last night, and I just love the soft glow the lights give our living room.  And I love that the kids decorated the tree by themselves!  It's not perfect, which makes it totally perfect :)

We have a fake tree because:
1) We can put it up the day after Thanksgiving and it's not dead by Christmas.
2) We live on the second floor and dragging a tree up the stairs and (even worse) getting it back out when we're done with it was very hard and messy.
3) It came pre-lighted and looks so pretty!

Phil is very much a real tree guy, and we went that route for awhile, but then I scored a great deal on this tree a few years ago and he came around to see it's benefits.  I do spray this in the room to try and fool people:

My sister-in-law, Kelly, gave us our Mary tree topper which I love love love so much.  I had searched for one for years because I was not a fan of the stars or angels that usually adorn the top of a tree.  But I could not find one, and then one year for Christmas she gifted us with this beauty:

Now for an update on the Wise Men ADVENTures...

Day 2: Making a cup of joe, because travelling requires caffeine.

Day 3: Diving into the candy bowl - those rascals!

Finally, I can't thank you all enough for your kind comments and emails on my anxiety post yesterday.  Phil and I were reading through them all last night, and so many of the things you said spoke right to our hearts.  I feel so much better knowing how common this is, and hearing your tips and trials.  I also believe I know the way I am supposed to plan for this baby's birth and I also know that I have very little to do with how it all turns out, and I'm placing it in God's hands.  Thank you again!  


  1. I love your tree! It's beautiful! And this is our first year having a real tree. (My husband loves real trees but I hate all the mess.) Our fake one looked really thinned out and I decided that we needed to start a new tradition this year. Hopefully since we cut it fresh it will last until the beginning of January! I'm doubtful though....

  2. Beautiful tree, love the topper!
    Am definitely filing away wise men ideas for next year.

  3. Eh, we have ALWAYS been fake tree people. The past two years my parents have gotten real trees and based on my own set ideas of tradition, it actually feels LESS Christmas-ey to me. It's just so sad to see all those dead trees at the curb. Much less traumatic to pack it up and say "see you next year!"

    I love your tree topper too, we are topper-less as I have yet to find one that speaks to me. And I am not willing to pay $20+ to settle.

  4. Gosh your home looks so warm and inviting. The wise men are hilarious!

  5. Joe loves a real tree, but since I'm the one who cleans (usually), I put my foot down for a fake one. The last thing I need is Sophie trying to eat pine needles out of the carpet! I love that you let your kids decorate - so many people have perfect looking trees with perfectly colored/themed ornaments, but I love having a family one that have ornaments with fun meaning and memories.

  6. We have always had real tres until my allergies just could not take it anymore. Love our prelit fake! And yours is very pretty... nice job kids! The wise men on the kuerig are a stitch! God bless!

  7. We've always had a fake tree...mostly for frugaity reasons, you can re-use it. Yours is so pretty. And, those Wise Man..ha. Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven, so they are pretty wise.

  8. Artificial here. Real tree...just can't deal.
    Yours looks pretty pretty pretty.
    I love cloudy snowy days.
    We leave it lit all day.
    Sunny days make it look weird.

  9. We do real. until I cannot walk or dead I will find a real tree!!!!
    I feel for your anxiety. Prayers for you. I have mini ones everyday. My teen drives. it is nerve wracking just waiting for him to get home. A 16yr old girl died yesterday in our winter storm here in MN. so very sad.

    love the Wise Men!

  10. Such a pretty tree, Colleen!

  11. The tree looks so pretty and I love the wise men adventures!


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