Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet O-6 and Never Been Kissed (But Wants to Be!)

How was it six years ago that we laid eyes on our first and only (so far!) daughter?  It seems like just yesterday, but also like she should be much older than six.  She's a whippersnapper, for sure.  All the days leading up to her birthday were filled with excited planning.

"So when I wake up in the morning, you will be waiting for me in the kitchen, and you will throw my birthday cards up in the air and say 'Happy Birthday Maggie!' and I will say 'Oh this is exactly what I've always wanted!'"

Did you know girls tend to be a bit dramatic? ;)

We started out the day with her breakfast of choice, which she requested last week:

(we added some eggs in there for healthy protein):

Phil gave her flowers the night before:

A beautiful color to celebrate the First Sunday in Advent.
I took her and the boys and her boyfriend, Robby ("If I don't marry Robby, I will rip my face off!") to see the newest Disney movie:

"This is the best birthday ever" she whispered to me at least 5 times during the movie.

It was a great movie!  I'm not a fan of kid movies, but this one is definitely a DVD to own when it comes out.  There were some twists and turns, lots of funny moments, and a great sisterly bond.

Then we walked over to the food court for a pizza lunch:
Maggie: I want to marry you, Robby.
Robby: I want to marry you too.
Me: Robby, you need to get a job first.
Maggie: So you can buy me a big ring.
While we were off gallivanting at the theater, Phil was at home putting together her big birthday present:
A new (to us) bed!

Hello Kitty sheets - super soft!
Then we had Gammy and Grandpa over for dinner of tacos, birthday girl's choice.

And purple cupcakes for the win.  Liturgically appropriate for the day as well!

Xander had to blow out his own candle.  I love Andrew's face up there!

Gammy and Grandpa gave her a watch. "It's just what I always wanted!", she squealed!

Then we tried to fool her by giving her a Pink Pony Webkinz and a new dress.  

We finally told her maybe there was one more present in her room...

"Oh I'm just going to lay here forever!!!!"
And now we are all exhausted and glad it's over.  
But we love her to bits and she knows it :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your pink princess!
    Perfect happy day. : )

  2. Excellent post! What an amazing present!!
    Hope she has a great year!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is exactly the type of blog post that convinces me that I need at least one girl in my lifetime!!!! So cute!

  4. A birthday to remember! Birthday blessings to your daughter!

  5. She is such a cutie pie! Happy birthday Maggie!! Too funny about her wanting to marry Robby! :)

  6. Happy birthday to her, so much fun! I hope Robby gets a really great job so that Maggie's ring is enormous.

  7. Oh, what a special day for a very special girl!! Happy birthday and God bless you Maggie you sweetie pie!!

  8. What a wonderful birthday for a special little girl! I love the look on her face when she sees the bed!

  9. Happy Birthday, Maggie! Was her birthday Saturday? Lucy's 7th birthday was Saturday.

  10. My six year old daughter would get alonf famously with Maggie. They sound very much alike. Too bad we live in Iowa!

  11. Oh my goodness!
    I'm like squealing over here! SOOOOO cute!
    I'm cracking up about her and Robbie and can't believe I have that stuff to look forward to, or I mean dread!!!
    You guys definitely went all out and I'm sure she thought it was so special! Miss you all!

  12. Love, love, love the expression on her face when she saw her new bed!!! What a great birthday…and glad to hear that Frozen was a hit. We are planning to see that one over the kids school Christmas Break.

  13. Happy Birhday to Maggie! I'm so excited that she shares a birthday with my Rachel. Love the pictures.

  14. Oh my gosh, I love Maggie so hard. If things don't work out with Robbie, maybe I could interest her in Gabriel? I'd love to have her as my daughter in law.

  15. Love the marriage conversation between her and her boyfriend. And I love the excited looks on her siblings faces as she walks into her room too.

  16. What a sweetheart. She looks so happy in all those pictures and I love her commentary throughout the day. Don't you just love when they appreciate all of your thoughtfulness? Happy birthday to Maggie.

  17. What a perfectly perfect birthday! Happy 6th, Maggie!

  18. Happy Happy Birthday! 6 is such a fun age for a little girl. She is just beautiful. What a fun birthday.

  19. happy birthday. cute pics.

  20. So sweet...Happy Birthday Maggie! Sounds like a perfect birthday to me.

  21. I'm praying that she and Robby do marry; I'd hate to see her injure that gorgeous face. I'm just a tad bit jealous of her HK bed; LOVE IT!!!
    What a great birthday….she is a gem!

  22. Oh what a wonderful birthday! I am dying over her comments related to Robby, she is hilarious!


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