Friday, January 3, 2014

First 7 Quick Takes in 2014

1) It's almost here!!!

Are you all as excited as I am??

We all picked our Saints for the are the kids praying before they find out whom they received:
Maggie - St. Raymond of Fitero

Eamon - St. Joseph

Andrew - St. Andre Bessette

John-Paul - St. Nicholas of Tolentino

Alexander - St. Agatha

Make sure you go pick your saints let your saints pick you right here!

Phil's saint is St. Wolfgang of Ratisbon, who died in Austria, where we met!  Very romantical and stuff.  

My saint for the year is St. Lucy, and I can't see (pun intended since she's the saint of blindness) how she will be influential on my life in 2014, but I'm sure she will.  Last year I had St. Gianna who changed my heart from being scared of having another baby to actually desiring another baby to conceiving a baby.  

Um, yeah, be forewarned with whomever you get.

Do you guys read Kate @ be merry Kate?  Maybe you should start with this little ditty.

Basketball season is upon us, the first practices start tomorrow.  We've got 4 kids playing, but they are paired up so we only have two team schedules to follow.  Love that, just another perk to having kids close in age.  

Phil brought them to the Rec center to practice, and here's a good lesson in boys vs. girls:



Some of you guys are so good with your new year's resolutions and word of the year, and I'm all like:


Have a baby.


And now I'm off to nap because we are all home for a snow day, thanks to Winter Storm Hercules!!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Please send some snow down here... I am hoping for a inches here at one point in time this winter so my big girls can go out!!!

  2. Enjoy your nap, my friend...
    And stay warm and safe.
    Don't watch that show...probs the only person in he world left that doesn't...but The Bachelor starts Monday. Now there's an inspirational show. ; )

    1. HaHA I forgot about the Bachelor! A Latino, too! Bill would kill me if I record it but I just might have to!
      We have a lot of snow but are getting slammed tomorrow night! Hope you're enjoying being stuck inside with the 8 of you!

  3. Hope you guys aren't buried under the snow! I love the basketball pics - I'd be right there with Maggie. :)

  4. I haven't picked a word or written any resolutions but I did pick a saint. I got Patrick...guess I should have a green beer to celebrate?!

  5. I was just browsing the lineup for EWTN and they will be showing a movie soon on St. Andre. Sorry I didn't note the date and time but if check the guide it should say. Happy New Year.

  6. Managed to get home yesterday safely, skirting the storm the whole way.
    I like your word and may borrow.
    Great pictures; I got St. Angela de Merici ~ someone new to me.
    Stay warm!!

  7. I am borrowing your resolution and word and making them my own! Breathe, baby, breathe.

  8. Well, since I am still pulling for a girl for Maggie . . . what about a baby girl named Lucy, in honor of your saint for the year? Just think, little Lucy Martin. The cuteness! :)

  9. What great Saints for the new year! I was really hoping I'd get someone really inspirational (shame on me, saying that about Saints as they clearly ALL are just that) or that would really mean something to me this year. I was grasping at straws, really. I got St. Francis Xavier Cabrini and when I read her bio to the kids and it included a lot about immigrants, the boy got very concerned that I was leaving the country in 2014. lol. I don't think so buddy. Lily got St. Adelaide of Burgundy and Jonah, St. Erasmus (Elmo). His has already been called upon in all of 2014 as he is patron of stomach problems/illnesses and G had tummy flu and we're all praying like the dickens no one else gets it. See, very helpful already!
    As for Lucy, one of my favorite names. I'm with Aimee, if baby is a girl....:)
    I'm with Maggie, sit on the sidelines, read and look cute. That's totally how to do the bball gig.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Ha, I feel the same about resolutions and words...I'm all like wait, what? New year? When did THAT happen? Want some eggnog? I do think that word is perfect for you this year, though. We should do a virtual Downton party, I think :)

  11. Eamon and I both got St. Joseph!


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