Friday, April 11, 2014

7QT: Things I Want to Remember About These Days

Since I am currently riding my 6th newborn rodeo, I thought I should record what life is like right now because I know all too well that this is going to go by way too quickly and all seem like a blur. 

 Joining Jen and the gang because it's Friday, and I love numbered lists.

I want to remember...


How big the toddler always looks when you bring home the next baby.  

SO BIG!  And what strikes me every.single.time we've done this homecoming routine, is the size of their bum.  You get used to changing a little newborn's diaper at the hospital (though I prefer to let the nurses do their job) and then you come home and have to wipe your toddler, and it's like bordering on inappropriate because he practically has a grown man's bottom.


How many friends we have.  

Seriously, it's overwhelming to this introvert...but in a good way!  When I gave birth to Maggie, I did not get one single meal brought to me.  I didn't know many people at all back then, because I had dropped out of my Mom's group the year before when I had started working part-time.  We also went to a parish that did not have any other young families (really, none) and I only had one co-worker in my office at work.  Fast forward to Declan's arrival - I work in a great place with tons of wonderful coworkers, we are in an amazing parish with so many young families and friendly moms, and have really felt like we have established our roots here and made so many strong friendships.  The Meal Ministry at our parish has set us up with TEN meals over the course of a few weeks, and even more friends and family have offered us a meal as soon as we're ready.  

I have received so many texts and phone calls and emails over the past weeks of waiting for Declan's arrival that I can't even get back to everyone!  And I'm not complaining, I love having so many supportive and prayerful people around us, I can't tell you how much it does for a mother's soul to feel embraced in a giant bear hug.


Newborns are boring.

They are cute and cuddly and smell delicious and so sweet...but they are boring.  All Declan does is root and nurse and poop and sleep, which makes him a perfect baby.  I just seem to forget how much they want to nurse at this stage, I am honestly nursing him every hour or more when he's awake, and then he'll sleep a big chunk of time, which leads me to my next point.


During that big chunk of sleep, I know I should be sleeping.

But 2 things always happen:

Either A. As soon as I lay down I think about all the things that I could be doing, and I can't fall asleep.  I feel lazy and not accomplished and so I get up and start doing stuff.

Or B. I get so excited at the prospect of sleep that I can't wind down enough to actually sleep.  So I get up and start doing stuff.

Then I regret it when he wakes up for a marathon nursing session and I am so tired, but it just keeps happening!


Hygiene is important.

I posted this picture on Instagram showing how pregnant I still look at one week postpartum.  So many of you commented on how amazing it was that I had showered.  But I have to tell you something I've learned the hard way through the years...keeping up on hygiene and getting dressed and putting on makeup/brushing your hair/whatever makes you feel pretty does a world of good for one's emotional state.  I know we may feel like crap, but when we at least look decent, we can trick ourselves into having a better day.  When you pass by a mirror, you can say "Hey, that woman has it all together.  HEY!  That woman is ME!"


How the siblings react to new baby.

Maybe my kids are weird, but we've never had any of the jealousy issues that some parents talk about when bringing home a new baby.  I think it's because we had so many while they were so young that they don't know any better.  They are oblivious of our plan to take over the world, mwahahaha!


The way Xander calls him "Baby Dec-a-lan" and sings him "I love you, a bushel and a peck" when he starts to fuss.

How Maggie was not disappointed at all that she got another brother, she was just so happy to have a new baby.

The way Eamon rushes home from school, washes his hands, and then asks to hold Declan.

How excited Andrew was that Declan had dark hair and dark skin and weighed the same as he did at birth.  Twinsies.

How John-Paul is practically brought to tears every time Declan cries in the car, and we can't soothe him.  So sensitive.


We are immensely enjoying our babymoon, and if I could ask a small favor, could you all please pray for Baby Rebecca and her family?  Thank you!


  1. I love those newborn days!! Enjoy!

  2. What a precious family! He is a beautiful baby! You look beautiful in your post pregnancy picture. I always make it a point to shower everyday, even with a newborn, because it just helps me feel so much better and seems to make for a better day!

  3. Colleen, I was the same way about sleep! I'm hoping I'll be a little better about it this time but realistically I'll probably just fight napping to "get stuff done" and then crash at 7 PM. Thank God for spouses who take the early evening shift!

  4. Thanks for the baby pictures...I am amazed you are showered and go girl.

    He is a cute cute baby!

    That is a blessing to have many families in your life.

    keep up the great work and baby pictures please! gotta get my fix.

    prayers for baby Rebecca.

  5. I don't get the not showering thing...that is my one non-negotiable because it makes me feel human. Maybe I'll "get it" more next time around but for now even a 3 minute shower can change my whole life outlook so I'm not missing it!

    Love this set of takes!!

  6. Your kids are so beyond cute! What a beautiful family! And there are some good tips in here for me to remember as I prepare to welcome my first—specifically that newborns are kind of boring. :P

  7. This is so wonderful. I totally agree with you on #1! He does resemble Andrew a lot.

  8. I'm expecting my first in July and I'll definitely try to keep the hygiene advice in mind as I'm trying to figure out how to take care of baby! Key word here is "try"!

  9. Oh he's too cute!!!! All of these are so true. Numbers 4 & 5 though...hit the nail on the head :) So glad things are going well!

  10. You look fabulous! And I just love all the pictures of the family. Enjoy your babymoon!

  11. He's so beautiful!!! Makes me so excited to meet our little guy in a few weeks. I love seeing the pictures of the siblings with him. And I'm super stoked to read your birth story (just saw that you posted it!)

  12. He is one cute cutie. I love that he and Andrew are twinsies! Little mini Phils!

  13. I found this site via #7QT. Congratulations on the beautiful baby!

  14. You look great! I agree about the shower and the clean clothes during post pardum months. Really important.

    The baby is darling.

  15. The newborn yawn!! I'm in love. I love seeing your other kids' excitement, too. It is so sweet to see the love they have for a new sibling! Hope you're getting a little bit more sleep!

  16. Colleen, first, CONGRATULATIONS!! I decided this lent to scale WAY back on blogging, blog reading and all social media, to just sink myself into these 40 days. But, today, knowing you had probably had your baby, I couldn't take it any more and had to take a peeksy. Oh, how I laughed, cried and empathized with every single detail!! Thank you so much for sharing. My heart is absolutely aching to meet our little one (8 weeks!). I can't express how happy I am for you and your family - the pic of your kids running in the hospital should be framed. Family JOY!!! What a gift!!

  17. I've been absent from bloggy land... I've been super duper busy with school, but I wanted to drop by real quick to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is perfect. God bless you and your amazing family!


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