Wednesday, May 28, 2014

8 Weeks

Declan is already 8 weeks old today!!  

I know, Tina, I feel the same way.

He's still such a good bebe, loves to smile and coo and stick his tongue out at us.  He eats a lot but is staying fairly skinny and long.  I do love me a chubby baby, so I'm hoping he eventually gets fat, but the doctor isn't worried so me neither.  He sleeps amazingly well.  He gets a bath around 8 and goes to sleep at 8:30 and doesn't wake up until 3 or 4 am, eats and goes back to sleep until 6 am.  The bestest.

I am pumping at work, and able to make a little more than he eats, which is nice.  I know eventually the scales will tip and he'll be eating more than I can pump, so I'm storing up a supply for when that time comes.  I'm also not opposed to giving him formula if and when he needs it.  I just try and do the best I can with pumping for as long as I can (which in the past has not been too long) and keep our family happily functioning.  I used to stress and worry about breastfeeding and pumping so much, and now I'm like:

The kids are all still obsessed with him, although the urge to help throw out a dirty diaper has lost it's charm.  Knew that was coming!  We just had a stomach bug (food poisoning?) pass through the house yesterday, with four kids down and out, so we tried to keep Declan away from them.  So far, he's hanging in there.  Oh, and he even has grown to like not hate the car seat, and will fall asleep in it very quickly, which makes going for walks so nice!

Adding this little one to our crazy house has been such a smooth and easy transition that methinks I'm ready for #7..

...just kidding.


  1. Ha! Imma laugh really hard if Martin #7 comes rolling down the pike soon. Telling God plans and all that. Glad that Declan is a sweet baby for you. You're certainly blessed!

  2. Great update. I'm so glad things are going as well as can be expected. He's adorable!

  3. bah! He is just so adorable. Kudos to him for being such a good sleeper! Michael was an excellent sleeper too and I just... oh I hope baby girl is good to me as well. I had the sad realization that pumping will be a reality for me again in the very near future and I silently cried all of the tears because of it. Happy 8 weeks baby!

  4. Hi Colleen! After just two babies I have learned to relax a little on the breastfeeding/pumping dilemma. With my first I was only able to exclusively BF for 6 weeks. I wasn't making enough. I continue to pumo but gave up soon after I went to work at 3 months. I did better with my second. I exclusively BF her for 4 months and pumped and supplemented with formula until almost 6 months. I just can't keep up the constant pumping at home and at work with two littles. Glad I am not the only one! I'm trying not to feel too guilty about my not-the-best breastfeeding history. Great post! Your little guy is adorable!

  5. Ha!! You almost had me there on that last one!

    So glad he's such a good sleeper. And he's such a cutie!

  6. Nice update. Great job on the BF'ing/pumping. I was so not good at all of that. Yay for not hating the carseat! My oldest hated the carseat for the entire first 12 months of her life. it was horrible. but thankfully all the rest just loved it, so I guess I got all my hatin' in on the first try! LOL

  7. Oh so jelly.. My6mth baby wakes up 3 times at night and is a light sleeper.
    Hope that bug makes its way out of your home. What sweet pictures
    thanks for the update.
    Xo Marissa

  8. You're back to work already?! 6 kids and working and pumping! I'm so impressed.

  9. You are Rockstar Mama!! Keep up the amazing work. I'm proud of you. How cute is your fella (Declan, not Phil)??!! How is he already 8 weeks? Good gracious time is flying! He totally looks like he belongs in your family. I love the pic with Phil and the kids. You guys so rock the "big" family, smiling, all cute and lovey dovey thing. You give young, prolific Catholics a good name. could do it. As for me, could.not.even.contemplate.

  10. He looks like such a sweetie :)

  11. I've never heard of his name before and in my mind I've been calling him dee-clan, clan as in can. On tv recently I heard someone call her boy deh-clen. Oops. :)


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